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I relish a good Freudian slip – that revealing giveaway of the tongue

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Sigmund Freud has his fans and his detractors. My take? A lot of his work was pioneering and has relevance to this day; a lot of it was nonsense. One of Freud’s greatest legacies (no, not the scatology obsession) is t...

Vultures, tongue orchids: why are rare species here in UK?

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Boats have been chartered. Weekend arrangements cancelled. And hundreds of twitchers – whose aim is to see very rare birds in Britain – have been praying the latest arrival stays long enough for them to see it in the ...

Deadly magnet ‘tongue piercings’ should be banned, says NHS

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A TikTok trend which involves using tiny magnets as fake tongue piercings has prompted the NHS to call for the metal balls to be banned amid a rise in people swallowing them. The viral prank sees people placing two ma...