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China insists Tonga loans come with ‘no political strings attached’

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China’s ambassador to Tonga has denied engaging in “debt trap” diplomacy in the Pacific, saying in his first press conference in two years that if the heavily indebted country cannot repay its loans, “we can talk and ...

Tonga volcano ‘afterglow’ creates dazzling sunsets across New Zealand and Australia

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Unusually fiery and vibrant sunrises and sunsets across New Zealand and Australia in recent weeks could be due to aerosols that were hurled up into the stratosphere following Tonga’s volcanic eruption in January. New ...

‘They didn’t think help was coming’: a month on from Tonga tsunami – in pictures

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At 6.30am on the day after the tsunami hit, I went into work. I am a procurement officer at the Ministry of Lands in Tonga, and work as a photographer on the side. I had seen videos on Facebook that showed the waves f...

Covid regstreekse nuus: France to ease some restrictions; tsunami-hit Tonga enters lockdown

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France joins England and Denmark in lifting some Covid curbs despite high case numbers; infected workers delivering aid to Tonga prompt lockdown

Tsunami-hit Tonga goes into lockdown after workers helping deliver aid catch Covid

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Tonga will go into lockdown after recording two Covid-19 cases among port workers helping distribute international aid in the wake of the volcanic eruption and tsunami that devastated the Pacific country last month. T ...

Covid-stricken Australian aid ship makes contactless delivery to virus-free Tonga

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British and Australian navy ships have arrived in Tonga and attempted to deliver aid without making contact with anybody ashore to avoid spreading the coronavirus in a nation that has never had an outbreak. The danger...

Covid outbreak strikes Australian aid ship bound for virus-free Tonga

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Daar was 23 cases of Covid-19 recorded among the crew of HMAS Adelaide, which departed Brisbane on Friday to deliver humanitarian aid to virus-free Tonga. The wife of one member of the crew has said she only fo...

Tonga vulkaan: 84% of population affected by ashfall and tsunami

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Eighty-four percent of the population of Tonga has been affected by the ashfall and tsunami that hit the country, the Tongan government has said in its second update since the volcanic eruption on 15 Januarie. Sixty-tw...

Tonga vulkaan: drinking water is priority as aid begins to arrive for stricken nation

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Tonga’s government said drinking water was the priority as the clean-up continued a week after a devastating volcanic eruption and tsunami. A national emergency team had already distributed 60,000 litres of water to r...

Elon Musk offers to send terminals to restore internet to volcano-hit Tonga

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Elon Musk has offered to send Starlink internet terminals to Tonga, after the recent volcanic eruption and tsunami left the Pacific island nation without communication links to the rest of the world. Replying on Twit...

Tonga keer hulpvlug uit Australië terug nadat 'n positiewe Covid-saak ontdek is

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Tonga het 'n hulpvlug uit Australië teruggewys weens 'n positiewe Covid-saak aan boord, ten spyte van die versekering van die Morrison-regering dat humanitêre verligting van die vulkaniese uitbarsting en tsoenami gebied kan word..

Mis speel ’n groot rol op Amerikaanse fabrieksplase

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Mis speel ’n groot rol op Amerikaanse fabrieksplase, Mis speel ’n groot rol op Amerikaanse fabrieksplase. Mis speel ’n groot rol op Amerikaanse fabrieksplase,...

Tonga could be cut off for weeks amid efforts to repair undersea communications cable

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The mission to repair the undersea communications cable that connects Tonga with the rest of the world could take up to a fortnight, the cable operator has warned, due to risks that a subsequent volcanic eruption coul...

Tonga vulkaan: first pictures after eruption show islands blanketed in ash, as two deaths confirmed

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Some of the first images have emerged from Tonga’s volcano and tsunami-hit islands, after a New Zealand defence force surveillance flight returned from the cut-off country, as two deaths from the disaster have been co...

Tonga vulkaan: noodsein opgespoor in laagliggende eilande na uitbarsting, soos eerste dood gerapporteer

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'n Noodsein is bespeur in 'n geïsoleerde, laagliggende groep Tongaanse eilande ná Saterdag se groot vulkaniese uitbarsting, selfs al bly die meeste eksterne kommunikasie af, en diaspora families wag angstig op ne...

Live nuus van Australië nuus: Novak Djokovic kom terug in Serwië, Tonga ly 'aansienlike skade' ná tsoenami

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Wêreld tennis nr 1 land in Belgrado nadat hy uit Australië gedeporteer is, aangesien die Franse Ope 'n entstofreël instel wat hom kan keer om te speel. Volg al die dag se nuus

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