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John Oliver: ‘Your basic rights could become crimes tomorrow’

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John Oliver delivered an impassioned episode of his HBO show after the “catastrophic” news that the US supreme court is poised overturn the basic right to an abortion. On the latest episode of Last Week Tonight, the h...

Michael Cohen: prosecutors could ‘indict Trump tomorrow’ if they wanted

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Prosecutors in New York could “indict Donald Trump tomorrow if they really wanted and be successful”, the ex-president’s former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen said on Sunday, discussing investigations of Trump’s busin...

‘Tomorrow they will kill me’: Afghan female police officers live in fear of Taliban reprisals

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Negar Masumi, a female police officer with 15 years of experience, was determined not to flee when the Taliban took control of her home province of Ghor in central Afghanistan. On Saturday night, gunmen, who called th...

Today it’s cool, tomorrow it’s junk. We have to act against our throwaway culture

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Never have we wanted, owned and wasted so much stuff. Our consumptive path through modern life leaves a wake of social and ecological destruction – trainers barely worn, ignored AI-powered digital assistants gathering...

‘We’re doing it again tomorrow!’ Lockdown relaxation in England

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For those living in England, 29 March marked the moment they could meet up with six people, or two households, outdoors or in private gardens, for the first time in months. It also saw the return of organised outdoor ...

David Squires on … Agnelli and the Champions League fans of tomorrow

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Our cartoonist on the flawless logic fuelling plans for the future of elite club football and its beautiful, rabid consumers Tue 16 Mar 2021 06.28 EDT Last modified on Tue 16 Mar 2021 06.30 EDT