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Tokyo 2020 Paralympics briefing: a record marathon and more USA glory

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Today in a nutshell: Japan closed out the sporting action with a flurry of medals, there were two more medals for ParalympicsGB and double team success for the US, which was just enough to position the Americans above...

Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games: closing ceremony – live!

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Tokyo 2020 legacy will be a matter for debate for years to come

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The closing ceremony of the Paralympics on Sunday will bring to an end what Japan’s deputy prime minister, Taro Aso, last March described as the cursed Tokyo 2020 Games. Aso’s declaration may have been overly pessimis...

Tokyo 2020 Paralympics briefing: an Italy sweep and Hewett’s heartache

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Today in a nutshell: an Italian clean sweep closes out the day’s athletics action, Brazil take five-a-side football gold (again), there’s a dominant British paracanoe display but a tough potential end to Alfie Hewett’...

Tokyo 2020 Paralympics briefing: Vaz da Veiga puts a ring on it

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Today in a nutshell: Storey makes it 17, there’s the first ever Paralympic medals in Taekwondo, and there was a surprise proposal on the athletics track. Fridays’s key moments: it is the final day of the swimming, the...

Tokyo 2020 Paralympics briefing: fine margins and a double bagel

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Today in a nutshell: a day of heartbreakingly close finishes, British success in the wheelchair rugby, and an incredible fourth 100m title for Ireland’s Jason Smyth, plus more medals for Hannah Cockroft, Tatyana McFad...

Tokyo Paralympics 2020 day four: athletics, swimming and more – live!

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Tokyo 2020 Paralympics briefing: heat havoc, brilliant Brazil and Cox gold

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Today in a nutshell: it was a brilliant day for Brazil with nine medals including five golds, the heat played havoc with the wheelchair tennis, Britain’s Kadeena Cox retained her title, and there were world and Paraly...

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