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Dinos: have you contracted Covid-19 multiple times?

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Have you contracted Covid-19 three or even four times? We would like to hear from people who have been reinfected by the virus multiple times during the pandemic. How many times have you contracted Covid? Were you rei...

Stephen Port laptop not inspected until he had killed three times, investigación contada

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The serial killer Stephen Port’s laptop was not submitted for forensic examination by police until 10 months after the death of his first victim, by which time he had killed two others, una investigación ha escuchado. The devic...

Vallas publicitarias "subversivas" del comediante que atacan la política climática de Australia se exhibirán en Times Square de Nueva York

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La valla publicitaria más grande de Times Square se mostrará esta semana para 10 Actas de mensajes satíricos "subversivos" que critican a Australia por su inacción ante la crisis climática.. La campaña es una creación de la empresa australiana..

Resumen de la conferencia tory: Tiempos agotadores y demasiada charla

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"Creo que deberías llamarte Alok Charmer,”Dijo Stanley Johnson mientras entrevistaba al presidente de Cop26. Fue cuesta abajo desde allí en uno de los eventos más extraños de la conferencia., mientras Johnson seguía volviendo a th ...

Revisión de Yard Act - cronistas puntiagudos de tiempos amargos

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"Es un ciclo interminable de abuso!”Gruñe el líder de Yard Act, James Smith, a su bajista, a duras penas un ritmo funk. "Tengo el blues y no puedo soltarlos!”La canción es Dark Days, un sinuoso tema musical en el que ....

Media startup Ozy shuts down after New York Times report raises concerns

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Ozy, a digital media startup, is shutting down less than a week after a New York Times column raised questions about the organization’s claims of millions of viewers and readers, while also pointing out a potential ca...

‘So different’: how the millennials of 28 Up are coping with changing times

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It was a groundbreaking documentary series that became a TV institution as it followed the lives of 14 Britons of vastly different backgrounds from the age of seven through nearly six decades. Made at seven-year inter...

Pollution on some new UK trains ‘13 times one of London’s busiest roads’

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The amount of diesel pollution on some new trains is 13 times higher than on one of central London’s busiest roads, researchers found. Passengers travelling on board a Great Western Railway carriage running from Londo...

‘Cake’ mentioned 10 times more than ‘climate change’ on UK TV – report

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“Cake” was mentioned 10 times more often on UK television shows than “climate change” in 2020, los datos han revelado. The research showed “banana bread” was a more frequently heard term than “wind power” and “solar power”...

The Afghan view of 9/11: ‘This is the day the bad times started’

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In Afghanistan 9/11 is remembered as a trigger for decades of war which this year have come full, grim circle. The Taliban who controlled the country and sheltered Osama bin Laden at the time of the attacks are once m...

‘Not even modestly good control’: Fauci says US Covid cases 16 times too high to end pandemic

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The US has far too many cases of the coronavirus to see an end to the pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, told Axios in an interview published on Thursday...

Los tiempos de Wout van Aert corren a la perfección para reclamar la primera etapa del Tour de Gran Bretaña

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Bodmin, París y Tokio han compartido al menos una experiencia este verano: el gigante de Wout van Aert ha llegado a la ciudad y ha dejado una impresión duradera. Seis semanas después de llevarse la medalla de plata olímpica en los Juegos Olímpicos ...

Labour councils house eight times as many asylum seekers as Tory areas, hallazgos de análisis

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There are eight times as many refugees and asylum seekers living in Labour-run parts of Britain as in Conservative areas, analysis by the Guardian has shown, amid growing pressure on ministers to fix the “completely i...

Nueva Zelanda: Covid-positive escapee had tried to flee hotel quarantine three times, officials say

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A man who tested positive for Covid-19 before absconding from a quarantine facility in Auckland on Thursday had attempted to escape three times before he was successful, health officials report. New Zealand police arr...

What You Can See from Here by Mariana Leky review – a tonic in troubled times

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The okapi lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo, its glossy brown body sloping up from zebra-striped legs. It’s an unlikely presence in western Germany, but that’s not why Selma is unsettled when she sees one, cal...

American CEOs make 351 times more than workers. En 1965 era 15 to one

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La semana pasada, the Economic Policy Institute, a nonpartisan thinktank, released a report on the increasing pay gap between chief executives and workers. This research tells a familiar story with updated figures. When taki...

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