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Spoon: Lucifer on the Sofa review – timeless perfection from US indie stalwarts

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Maybe the hardest trick in rock music is to do what John Peel credited as the singular ability of the Fall – to sound always different, but always the same. Plenty of groups have flourished by always being the same; p...

The Beatles, Get Back and London: on the trail of a timeless story – video

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Presto 1969, John, Paolo, George and Ringo worked on a project in London that would result in an amazing performance on a West End rooftop, and some of their most-loved songs. The story is captured in the new documen...

The timeless allure of King Arthur’s Gawain: ‘He feels like the first modern protagonist’

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In the dark age of my childhood I loved the tales of King Arthur. My favourite knight was Gawain, the king’s nephew, who falls into shadow and then redeems himself at the end. For a year, maybe two, I followed his exp...

Happy 80th birthday to Bob Dylan, rock’s most prescient, timeless voice

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When I first properly listened to Bob Dylan, ero 10 Anni. Each Saturday, Radio 1 aired a series titled 25 Years of Rock, based on news and music spanning the years 1955 per 1979. And that week, in among archive ...