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Covid regstreekse nuus: scientists warn UK may have worst to come; Israel tightens vaccine passport rules

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Fears the indoor socialising will spread virus in UK; Israel says people only eligible for green pass if they have received a booster jab

Vigil episode two recap – the net tightens around the Trident sub killer

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Verwoester waarskuwing: hierdie blog is vir diegene wat kyk na Vigil op BBC One. Don’t read on unless you have watched episode two. Back on troubled Trident submarine HMS Vigil for the second night in a row, it was action stations as...

Chaotic scramble at Kabul airport as Taliban tightens grip on Afghanistan

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US and other allied troops were struggling to reopen Kabul airport on Monday after seven people were killed in chaotic scenes as desperate civilians converged on the only route out of the capital in the aftermath of t...

China’s Tencent tightens controls for children amid games addiction fears

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China’s Tencent has cracked down on how long children can play its flagship video game, hours after an article in state media described online gaming as “spiritual opium” and compared it to “electronic drugs”, sending...

Coronavirus live nuus: South Korea tightens curbs again amid record cases; interest in Tokyo Olympics ‘muted’

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South Korea reports 1,615 new cases as distancing rules tightened for most of country; Japanese among most uninterested in Olympics

France reports rush for vaccines after Macron tightens Covid rules

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Meer as 20,000 French people a minute booked vaccine appointments in the hours after Emmanuel Macron announced that cafés, restaurante, shopping malls and trains would be out of bounds for unvaccinated customers fro...

Coronavirus live nuus: South Africa tightens restrictions; Italy mask-free from today

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South Africa re-introduces curfew, alcohol ban; all of Italy mask free and low risk from Monday; Australia’s Covid response team holds urgent meeting amid outbreak

Coronavirus regstreeks: Israel reintroduces indoor mask rules; Taiwan tightens border controls over Delta variant

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Nuutste opdaterings: UK transport minister urges caution over holiday plans; Japan to give 1m vaccine doses each to Taiwan and Vietnam

Indonesia tightens restrictions as it confirms record new coronavirus infections

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Indonesian health authorities are battling a new surge in coronavirus infections, as the National Agency for Disaster Management (BNPB) reported the highest one-day total, met 14,535 cases confirmed in the 24 hours t...

Bitcoin price slumps further as China tightens crackdown

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Bitcoin has tumbled further in the wake of China’s expanding crackdown on bitcoin mining, as investors grow more uncertain about the future of the leading cryptocurrency. Bitcoin fell as low as $31,333 on Monday, a tw...

BBC tightens security after anti-vaxxer ‘death threats’ to staff

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The BBC has upgraded its security protocols after the targeting of a senior journalist and apparent death threats. A message from Fran Unsworth, director of news and current affairs, sent to staff on Friday morning, a ...

UK tightens borders and travel rules as variants spark new alarm

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Ministers have moved to tighten Britain’s borders as new data suggests the Delta coronavirus variant is much more likely to cause serious illness and is circulating more rapidly within schools. With England’s reopenin...

Coronavirus live nuus: France tightens travel from UK over India variant; Japan mulls tests for Olympics fans

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UK travellers to France face tighter curbs from Monday; Japan may require Games fans to test negative or show vaccine proof; India reports lowest case numbers since 11 April

Bashar al-Assad tightens grip on power as Syria goes to polls

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Tyrant, war criminal, mob boss or, to his loyalists, their shrewd saviour: views about Bashar al-Assad rarely fall in between. As the Syrian leader faces a presidential poll on Wednesday – the result a foregone conclu...

China unveils Hong Kong electoral changes as Beijing tightens grip

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China’s top lawmaking body has unveiled plans to ensure only “patriots” can govern Hong Kong as Beijing tightens its grip on the city with electoral changes including a vetting process for all parliamentary candidates...

China unveils Hong Kong electoral reform as Beijing tightens grip

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China’s top lawmaking body has unveiled plans to ensure only “patriots” can govern Hong Kong as Beijing tightens its grip on the city with electoral reforms including a vetting process for all parliamentary candidates...