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‘You immediately tell your friends to cancel their tickets’ – what’s it like to star in a flop?

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[object Window], TV shows and books can all get terrible reviews and small audiences, but the difference when this happens in theatre is that the actors have to go back on stage and remake the work just after critics have decl...

Spanx chief gives all employees first-class plane tickets and $10,000

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The chief executive and founder of the shapewear company Spanx has surprised employees with two first-class plane tickets and $10,000 ogni. Speaking at a party last Thursday to mark the company’s new $1.2bn valuation...

Virgin Galactic to sell space flight tickets starting at $450,000 a seat

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Virgin Galactic has said it will open ticket sales on Thursday for space flights starting at $450,000 a seat, weeks after the company’s billionaire founder, Richard Branson, took a high profile flight to to the edge o...

Flexible rail season tickets go on sale in England, saving up to £350 a year

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New flexible rail season tickets went on sale in England on Monday, as a government scheme tries to cater to workers splitting their time between the home and office amid the coronavirus pandemic. The scheme, which is...