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Clima del Reino Unido: otro día de ola de calor antes de las tormentas eléctricas

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Partes del Reino Unido tendrán otro día de temperaturas abrasadoras antes de tres días de advertencias meteorológicas amarillas por tormentas eléctricas.. Una advertencia meteorológica ámbar por calor extremo está vigente hasta las 11:59 p. m. del domingo para grandes pa...

Rain and thunderstorms menace late jubilee parties in southern England

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Forecasters have issued severe warnings of thunderstorms on Saturday. A yellow weather warning is in place until 1pm on Saturday in south-west England, with a risk of flooding, damage to buildings, lightning strikes, ...

Hundreds escape flood waters in Queensland as state lashed by severe thunderstorms

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Hundreds of Queenslanders have fled to higher ground or been rescued from flood waters with thousands on alert on Friday night as severe thunderstorms lash the state’s south-east. Intense rainfall has hit Brisbane, Ip...

Severe thunderstorms bring large hailstones to Florida

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While Florida is known as the Sunshine State, it is actually the most thunderstorm-prone part of the United States. A pesar de esto, severe thunderstorms with large hail are very rare. La semana pasada, the National Weather Ser...

Thunderstorms leave roads and tube stations flooded in London

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Torrential rain has flooded roads and tube stations in London after thunderstorms hit the south of England on Sunday. Barts Health NHS trust declared a major incident after the flooding led to problems at Whipps Cross...

Inundaciones de Londres: vehículos varados y estaciones de metro sumergidas después de tormentas eléctricas - video

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Partes de Londres quedaron anegadas después de fuertes tormentas eléctricas el domingo. La Met Office ha emitido una advertencia ámbar por tormentas que cubren Londres y partes de los condados de origen donde los hogares y las empresas están en riesgo de ....

Thunderstorms leave cars and buses stranded in London

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Buses and cars have been left stranded after thunderstorms flooded roads across London. The Met Office has issued an amber warning for storms covering London and parts of the home counties where homes and businesses a...

Losing our thunder: why the UK is seeing fewer thunderstorms

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Today is the day when Benjamin Franklin supposedly flew a kite in a thunderstorm, to prove that lightning was electricity. We have learned a lot about thunderstorms since 1752, but our fascination with them has not di...