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Will Black churches throw their weight behind reproductive rights?

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Ebenezer Baptist Church, once home to Reverend Dr Martin Luther King Jr, once dedicated a portion of its Mother’s Day service in mid-May to addressing abortion access in the US. During the service in Atlanta, senior p...

‘Fancy a little top-up?’ Teens throw a new Abigail’s Party with guest list of 30

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The drama in Abigail’s Party focuses on the toe-curling intrigues in Bev’s suburban living room over the course of her car-crash soiree. But what about the eponymous do in Mike Leigh’s comedy of manners – the party ne...

My life as an ER doctor during Covid: ‘People walk in, throw their garbage at you, and walk out’

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When I walked into work last October, the ER was in its usual state of organized chaos, with EMTs lined up in the ambulance bay and patients already crowding the hallways. Not long after I sat down at my desk, I heard...

Cut loose! Why it’s time to throw off the shackles of athleisure

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My fashion new year resolution is to cut myself some slack. To quit trying to be someone I’m not. So I am going to stop wearing things that make me feel bad about myself. As of today, it’s goodbye to clothes bought on...

MPs throw punches in Ghana parliament over payment tax – video

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MPs grappled with each other in a fight in Ghana's parliament during a proposed tax debate for electronic transactions on Monday. The 1.75% e-levy, which would include taxes on mobile money payments, has been challeng...

Bold, haughty, hyper: will Macron throw it all away as France fights for its future?

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Germany’s “watershed” election? Yawn. For a truly stimulating contest, Europe must look to France, where pre-poll noise levels are rising rapidly. Political debate ranges from the repulsive to the bizarre. Issues that...

We failed so badly in Afghanistan. But to throw in the towel now would be an act of betrayal

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Was it worth it? That is what many of us who served in Afghanistan are quietly asking as we watch with bewilderment and horror at what is unfolding. Four hundred and fifty-seven British servicemen and women never made...

Rachel Sennott: ‘A male comedian would throw pieces of paper at my nipples. It was not fun’

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What is the most mortifying thing that has ever happened to you? A spectacular pratfall? An accidental reply all? For Danielle, the protagonist of the sublimely uncomfortable Shiva Baby, it has to be the moment when h...

The Guardian view on political transparency: throw those curtains wide

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It is often said that the supreme authority for judging politicians is the court of public opinion. While it is true that electoral success is the key to power in a democracy, winning votes and being right are not the...

Greg Abbott will not throw first pitch after MLB hits out at Georgia voting laws

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Texas governor Greg Abbott said on Monday that he won’t throw the ceremonial first pitch as planned at the Texas Rangers’ home opener, the latest jab in a fight that is pushing corporate America into the political bat...

Lawn growers throw in the trowel as meadows replace perfect stripes

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They were once a status symbol for the rich, and later the pride and joy of suburbia. But the immaculately striped, tightly mown lawn is becoming an endangered species. Monty Don this week called time on the predomina...

Humans throw away TOO MUCH CRAP IT HAS TO STOP

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