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‘We collect symbols of the resistance’: the Ukrainian museum working through the war

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On hearing the Russian rockets hit Kyiv in the early hours of 24 febbraio, Ihor Poshyvailo knew his first responsibility was to get the collection of the Maidan Museum somewhere safe. The artefacts in the art historia...

India: 27 people killed after fire rips through Delhi office block

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Almeno 27 people have died and dozens more were injured in a huge fire in a commercial building in India’s capital, Delhi. The large fire broke out at the four-storey building near a railway station in the western s...

‘A sense of radical possibility’: re-examining the great migration through art

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The way we talk about the great migration is often oversimplified, limiting it to the movement of Black Americans from the rural south to the urban north through the early and mid 20th century. But there are many more...

Four-year-old ‘boy racer’ crashes car after early-morning drive through Dutch city

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A “highly enterprising” four-year-old boy was reunited with his parents unscathed after grabbing his mother’s keys and taking her car for an early-morning drive through the streets of Utrecht in the Netherlands, polic...

‘The smell is terrible’: toxic foam clouds float through streets of Bogotá suburb

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A vast blanket of foul-smelling toxic foam has overflowed a polluted river near the Colombian capital Bogotá, covering homes and businesses, and sending residents fleeing from cloud-like fragments as they drift throug...

I went through ‘conversion therapy’ – no trans person should face that torture again

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You hear it all the time, the question: “When did you know you were trans?” The question should really be: “When did I know that the rest of the world didn’t behave in the same way as I did?” When I came out at 14, mo...

‘I hope we’ll get through this’: the Ukrainian refugees arriving in Tijuana

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Just over the zigzag pathway of the Tijuana border crossing, a mile or so from the taco and churros stands that feed locals and tourists alike, rests a pop-up encampment for Ukrainian and Russian refugees fleeing an i...

The art of resilience: how the museum has endured through crisis

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The Museum: A Short History of Crisis and Resilience was a book born out of the pandemic. Originally conceived in early 2020 as a look at the current state of museums and where they were headed in the future, the proj...

Director Laura Wandel: ‘The brutality of the playground is conveyed through noise’

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It has been quite a year for Brussels-born director Laura Wandel. Last July saw the premiere of her debut feature film, Playground, at the Cannes film festival; since then, this stomach-churning drama about the psycho...

Brooklyn shooting: video shows people running through smoke in New York City subway

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Ten people were shot and a total of 16 injured in a subway shooting in New York City on Tuesday morning, a New York fire department spokesperson said.Cellphone video shared on social media showed people running out of...

I have swum through sewage and had empty crisp packets stuck to my face. Why can’t we take better care of our rivers?

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There are certain phrases that deserve a nod of recognition when they prove to be literally true: anyone who’s ever dug such a big hole that they hit the rock bottom will know what I’m talking about. Or if you’ve ever...

Shibuno leads Chevron Championship halfway through second round

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Hinako Shibuno shot a six-under 66 on Friday in the Chevron Championship to take the lead halfway through the second round. The 23-year-old Japanese player had a nine-under 135 total at Mission Hills, the tree-lined c...

Gli stretti legami consentono alla propaganda russa di diffondersi rapidamente in Cina, denunciare i reclami

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Gli stretti legami consentono alla propaganda russa di diffondersi rapidamente in Cina, Gli stretti legami consentono alla propaganda russa di diffondersi rapidamente in Cina.

Traplord review – gripping journey through black masculinity

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How to show stereotypes of black masculinity without stereotyping black men? The issue comes up very early in Ivan Michael Blackstock’s Traplord, a dance, musica, spoken word and video event that winds around themes of...

The Suspect staggers through PMQs as backbenchers cheer whatever lies he tells

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Col senno di poi, it probably was not the best of ideas to throw a boozy party for most of his MPs the night before prime minister’s questions, even if he had strong-armed someone else into picking up the tab. Because the...

Three months after a wildfire swept through, displaced Colorado residents struggle to rebuild

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Susan Nedell was watching black smoke billowing in the distance from the kitchen window when her cellphone buzzed with an order to evacuate. Era 30 December around 1.30pm, and the Marshall fire had by then been raz...

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