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UK sends warship through Taiwan Strait for first time in more than a decade

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Britain sent a warship through the Taiwan Strait on Monday for the first time since 2008, a move that challenges Beijing’s claim to the sensitive waterway and marks a rare voyage by a non-US military vessel. HMS Richm...

How fall of property giant Evergrande sent a shockwave through China

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In Mei 2020, Chen (not his real name) decided to invest 300,000 yuan (£34,000) in property in the north-eastern Chinese city of Shenyang. “I thought the price was not too expensive and I had some extra money so I inve...

Allegri’s anger fades as Chiesa leads Juventus through Spezia six-pointer

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Even as he presided over Juventus’s worst start to a season for 60 jare, Massimiliano Allegri still felt able to joke around. “If we look at the league table,” he quipped at a press conference before the Bianconeri f...

Man City and Liverpool through, Everton out: Carabao Cup –as it happened

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Brentford hit seven, holders Manchester City notched six, and Everton crashed out on an exciting night in the third round of the Carabao Cup

Trudeau calls election victory ‘clear mandateto get Canada through pandemic – video

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Justin Trudeau has won a third term as Canada’s prime minister, with his Liberal party set to capture the most votes in the snap election, a result he called a 'clear mandate' to get the country through the Covid pand...

How Māori women have reshaped New Zealand’s media through their native language

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Early this week, Māni Dunlop, presenter of RNZ’s Midday Report Te Pūrongo o te Poutūtanga, sent out an astonished tweet: “It’s a record whānau (familie) – no racist messages or texts on the show … is this what progress...

Driving Ms Margolyes – A hilarious road trip through Europe in lockdown

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At the height of Europe’s spring Covid wave in 2021, the filmmaker Lucy Darwin offered to drive the actor and national treasure Miriam Margolyes from her home in Italy to London so that she could film the latest serie...

Dragons, Nazis and Putin: children put German candidates through wringer

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When Germany elects a new government on 26 September the average voter age may be over 50, but a week and a half before polling day it is children who are asking the hard questions of the candidates who want to fill A...

Neurocracy: futuristic murder-mystery fiction as told through Wikipedia

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On first click, Omnipedia feels like the shadow-sister of Wikipedia: empty white space with the occasional image, marked up by slim black text and iconic blue hyperlinks. But we are on a different internet now. This f...

‘Kids need two things – love and education’: how Ian Wright and Musa Okwonga are inspiring young people through fiction

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Sometimes the detail of a single life story can stop half a nation in its tracks. One such arresting moment was the footballer Ian Wright’s extraordinary Desert Island Discs interview with Lauren Laverne in February l...

Social care backlash grows after MPs vote through tax plan

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Boris Johnson has won the backing of MPs for his controversial health and social care plan, amid a growing backlash from experts and professionals who warned it will fail to fix the urgent crisis in the care system. D...

The War Below review – wartime tunnelling heroes rushed through drama

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‘Gentlemen, tonight we may not make history, but we’ll certainly change the bloody geography.” British army colonel Hellfire Jack (Tom Goodman-Hill) gives sterling quotation (though it was apparently said in real life...

Hurricane Ida death toll nears 60 as states begin to comb through debris

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The US death toll from Hurricane Ida rose towards 60 on Saturday, nearly a week after one of the most powerful storms ever to hit the US mainland made landfall in Louisiana. Two more evacuated nursing home residents w...

Here Today review – Billy Crystal and Tiffany Haddish smile through tears in dementia dramedy

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Billy Crystal directs and stars in this oppressively sentimental dramedy: a glutinous soup of heartbreaking and heartwarming life-lessons, learned as you smile through your tears. Crystal also co-writes with his longt...

Local rhymes and puppet shows: how refugee children are learning through play

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Imagine walking through the largest refugee camp in recorded history. Hastily erected structures of bamboo and tarpaulin spread out as far as the eye can see, rendered predominantly in shades of browns and greys. Then...

Fire rips through 20-storey residential tower block in Milan

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Fire has ripped through a 20-storey residential building in Milan, leaving rescue workers scrambling to make sure no one had been caught in the flames and thick smoke. The blaze on Sunday started on the upper floors o...

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