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Craig McLachlan allegedly threw tantrums and threatened Rocky Horror Show cast members, corte dijo

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Craig McLachlan has been portrayed in court as an allegedly powerful and angry lead actor who threw tantrums, threatened cast members and physically abused actresses. Defence barrister Michael Hodge QC on Friday took ...

‘I left my job and threw my life savings into it’: the secret to one snack bar entrepreneur’s success

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It was October 2019 when Alexei Khatiwada left his job in finance. A successful career, decent salary, office camaraderie – all gone. In its place – the excitement, uncertainty and fear of solo entrepreneurship. “It f...

Boy who threw six-year-old from Tate Modern was not considered a risk

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An autistic teenager who threw a six-year-old boy from the Tate Modern was not considered a risk to others at the time, despite previously assaulting police and a restaurant worker, and hitting support staff with a br...