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Three ways EU could retaliate if UK ditches Northern Ireland protocol

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The EU could impose tariffs on UK fish and agricultural goods in just seven days if Boris Johnson goes ahead with moves to disapply parts of the Northern Ireland Brexit protocol, legal experts have said. The short, Hikaru Nakamura vince a Berlino mentre il famoso streamer di scacchi guida il Grand Prix.

Donna, 41, ei suoi tre cani muoiono dopo essere stati investiti da un'auto nella zona ovest di Londra

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Una donna di 41 anni e i suoi tre cani sono stati uccisi dopo essere stati investiti da un'auto nella zona ovest di Londra, Lo ha detto la polizia metropolitana. La donna stava camminando con tre golden retriever quando è accaduto l'incidente. Il 26enne..

Platinum jubilee Queen Barbie sells out in three seconds

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The Queen and Barbie are both icons, so the combination was sure to be hot property – now a special platinum jubilee doll has sold out and become the subject of fierce bidding on eBay. John Lewis said its stock of the...

Tre arrestati dopo che l'adolescente di Bristol Maddie Thomas è stata trovata

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Tre uomini sono stati arrestati con l'accusa di sottrazione di minori dopo che una ragazza di 15 anni è stata trovata a un indirizzo di Bristol. Madison Thomas, conosciuto come Maddie, è scomparsa dalla sua casa adottiva a Southmead, Bristol, sul...

Three people killed and at least four injured in attack in Israeli town of Elad

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Three people have been killed and at least four more injured in the central Israeli town of Elad, in the latest in a spate of street attacks that have sent tensions soaring in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in recen...

Three things with Ray Martin: ‘My wife-to-be issued the ultimatum. Her or the Cooper Bristol’

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By his own description, Ray Martin has been a journo for “well over half a century”. That tenure has included multiple stints hosting A Current Affair, the job that made him a household name, as well as spots on every...

Three children in Indonesia die from unidentified form of hepatitis

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Three children in Indonesia have died from a mysterious liver disease, the country’s health ministry has said, raising the global death toll to at least four. A severe type of acute hepatitis has been identified in al...

Sydney man jailed three decades after killing Scott Johnson at gay beat

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A Sydney man has been sentenced to more than 12 years’ jail, three decades after murdering an American mathematician at a Sydney gay beat. The jail sentence was handed down on Tuesday by Justice Helen Wilson who found...

US economy saw ‘unexpectedly severe’ drop in first three months of year

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The US economy shrank in the first three months of the year, contracting by -0.4% in the first quarter, o -1.4% on an annualized basis, its weakest quarter since the early days of the pandemic. Economic growth slowed...

‘They don’t care’: Mets’ Bassitt rips MLB after three teammates hit by pitches

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New York Mets pitcher Chris Bassitt says MLB is taking players’ safety for granted after three of his teammates were hit by pitches during their 3-0 victory over the St Louis Cardinals on Tuesday night. Cardinals star...

More than half of Americans have had Covid, including three of four children

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More than half of Americans show signs of a previous Covid-19 infection, including three out of every four children, according to a new report released on Tuesday. The findings from the Centers for Disease Control and...

Better Call Saul recap: season six, episode three – Nacho’s reckoning

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Avviso spoiler: this recap is for people watching Better Call Saul season six, which airs on Netflix in the UK. Do not read on unless you have watched episodes one to three. During an interview with Seth Meyers two yea...

Three endangered Sumatran tigers found dead in traps in Indonesia

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Three endangered Sumatran tigers have been found dead after being caught in traps on Indonesia’s Sumatra island. One female tiger was found dead, her head almost severed and a snare still stuck in her leg, near a palm...

Children between three and six ‘victims of self-generated child sexual abuse’

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Children as young as between three and six years old are becoming the latest victims in a growing trend of self-generated child sexual abuse, a report from an internet safety watchdog has said. The Internet Watch Foun...

Star trek: three rich men return from Nasa’s first foray into space tourism

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Three rich businessmen returned from the International Space Station with their astronaut escort Monday, wrapping up a pricey trip that marked Nasa’s debut as a B&B host. Flying back in a SpaceX capsule, they spla...

Resurgent Burnley out of bottom three after Vydra hits winner against Wolves

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Two league victories in the first six months of the season and now two in a matter of four days. There is timing your run to perfection, and then there is what Burnley are doing right now. Mike Jackson had only won ba...

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