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Three killed in explosions in Jalalabad, eastern Afghanistan

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At least three people have been killed and more than 18 people injured in three explosions in Jalalabad in Afghanistan’s eastern Nangarhar province. It is reported that the intended target may have been a passing conv...

Forgotten how to have a dinner party? Here are three rules to ease you back in

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I haven’t yet caught any of Jamie Oliver’s new Channel 4 series Together, in which he cooks the kind of stuff you can rustle up for groups of family and friends without experiencing a total nervous collapse. But I lov...

Woman aged 40 charged with murder after three children found dead in New Zealand home

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A woman has been charged with murder after three young children who had just moved to New Zealand from South Africa died at a home on the South Island. The incident occurred late on Thursday at a home in the town of T...

Sex Education season three review – the spark has gone

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The third series of Sex Education (Netflix) opens with a montage as celebratory/disgusting as its predecessor in season two (delete according to taste, though if you’re in the latter camp, you’re probably better off n...

One in three Britons drink plant-based milk as demand soars

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One in three Britons drink plant-based milk, according to a report that suggests they have become a mainstream choice for consumers. Shoppers spent £100m more in 2020 on alt-milks, made from oats, almonds or soya, tur...

BBC Three set to return as TV channel after Ofcom gives green light

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BBC Three is set for a triumphant return as a TV channel after media regulator Ofcom gave it the provisional greenlight to return to broadcast television, six years after the corporation took it off air because its yo...

Covid kills a 9/11’s worth of Americans every three days. The vaccine mandate shouldn’t be controversial

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The Biden administration’s decision to require vaccinations for large segments of the workforce has been predictably controversial among Trump loyalists, vaccine deniers and rightwing media. It’s also the strongest mo...

Three people die after car crashes into flats in west London

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Three people have died in west London after a car crashed into a sheltered accommodation block and burst into flames. Emergency crews were called to Great Western Road in Notting Hill at about 4.50am on Tuesday and fo...

British As Folk: three comedians in a campervan have fun with history

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Hard to like a TV show with a terrible name, is dit nie? Let’s run over it again: British As Folk (Monday, 10pm, Dave). So it’s supposed to sound like swearing, right? Which I guess is quite punk – but it’s not a real p...

Three becomes latest mobile firm to bring back roaming charges

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Three is to reintroduce charges for customers who use their phones when travelling in Europe and two dozen other international destinations, the latest of Britain’s biggest mobile companies to do so despite previously...

Three Vermont state troopers accused of creating fake Covid-19 vaccination cards

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Three Vermont state troopers have resigned after being accused of creating fake Covid-19 vaccination cards, state police announced on Tuesday. In a statement released on Tuesday, Vermont police said the three former t...

Three near-identical Boris Vishnevskys on St Petersburg election ballot

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Russian opposition politicians are used to finding spoiler candidates with identical surnames running against them in order to confuse voters at the polls. Now it appears that the impersonators are changing their face...

Vigil episode three recap – motives emerge amid the murky mystery

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Spoiler alert: this blog is for those watching Vigil on BBC One. Don’t read on unless you have watched episode three. The morally murky submarine drama – AKA Line of Boaty, AKA 20,000 Leads Under the Sea – reached its...

England v India: fourth Test, day three – live!

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New Zealand: Covid-positive escapee had tried to flee hotel quarantine three times, officials say

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A man who tested positive for Covid-19 before absconding from a quarantine facility in Auckland on Thursday had attempted to escape three times before he was successful, health officials report. New Zealand police arr...

One in seven children with Covid still suffering three months later – study

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Up to one in seven children who test positive for coronavirus could still have symptoms linked to the disease three months later, according to a study that suggests the prevalence of long Covid in young people is lowe...

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