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Amerikaanse hooggeregshof om argumente in die Mississippi -saak aan te hoor wat Roe v Wade bedreig

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Die Amerikaanse hooggeregshof het 'n datum vasgestel om argumente in 'n Mississippi -saak aan te hoor wat Roe v Wade kan omverwerp, die byna 50-jarige uitspraak wat 'n vrou se reg op aborsie waarborg. Mondelinge argumente in Dobbs v Jackson W..

Lightning threatens California as fires continue to burn across the state

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Ominous weather is again threatening areas of California as dozens of fires continue to burn, with hot, dry conditions and forecasted thunderstorms prompting officials to issue warnings through parts of the state’s no...

Uefa threatens World Cup boycott as Coe joins chorus of disapproval

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Fifa’s radical plans to stage a biennial World Cup came under attack hours after they were officially unveiled on Thursday – with the World Athletics president, Sebastian Coe, warning of growing anger across Olympic s...

UK care homes say funding shake-up threatens their viability

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The viability of care homes is under threat from the government’s plan to allow more privately funded customers to buy care at cheaper rates currently only available to councils, operators have warned. The government ...

‘A perfect storm’: UK beet growers fear Brexit threatens their future

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In a field in Norfolk, the sight of lush green leaves sprouting from the soil are giving farmer Ed Lankfer cause for optimism. “I think this is one of the best crops we have ever grown," hy sê, surveying one of his ...

Surging wildfire tears through northern California town and threatens others

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Critically dangerous fire weather was forecast across northern California from Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday evening, threatening to intensify several large blazes and increasing the risk of new ones, as a small ru...

Culture shock: how loss of animals’ shared knowledge threatens their survival

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At the peak of the whaling industry, in the late 1800s, North Atlantic right whales were slaughtered in their thousands. With each carcass hauled on to the deck, whalers were taking more than just bones and flesh out ...

Mexican cartel threatens to kill TV news anchor over ‘unfair’ coverage

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Masked men claiming to represent Mexico’s most powerful drug cartel have taken the unusual step of circulating a video threatening to kill a national television news anchor for what they viewed as unfair coverage. Die...

Senate to resume infrastructure debate as Trump threatens Republicans who back bill

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Senators will resume a weekend session toward passage of a $1tn bipartisan infrastructure package on Sunday amid threats from former president Donald Trump who raged against any Republicans who support the measure. Th ...

The Guardian view on energy bills: a price hike that threatens millions

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The energy regulator Ofgem sounded apologetic as it announced another big rise in the industry’s price cap on Friday. It was right to do so. It is hard to think of anyone – except the energy companies and the fossil-f...

Bestuurstekortkrisis bedreig Britse melkaflewering ná Brexit en Covid

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Supermarkte kan 'n "somer van ontwrigting" van melkaflewering in die gesig staar as wydverspreide bestuurstekorte te midde van die Covid -pandemie nie opgelos word nie, volgens die grootste suiwelverskaffer in die Verenigde Koninkryk. Arla, wat melk aan lewer ...

Foreign control of North Sea oil licences threatens UK’s net zero goal

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Foreign control of North Sea oil licences could put the UK’s plans to reach net zero emissions at risk, a study has warned. The research shows state-backed fossil fuel companies and private equity firms are taking a t...

Australia’s and New Zealand’s World Cup myopia threatens crisis for rugby league

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For anyone with even a brief knowledge of rugby league’s recent history, the only surprise about the announcement that Australia and New Zealand have backed out of this autumn’s World Cup is that none of this is even ...

‘I’ve seen 40 on one dive’: invasive lionfish threatens ecosystems in Med

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Non-native lionfish have become increasingly common in parts of the Mediterranean in recent years, threatening local ecosystems and posing a hazard to humans through their venomous spines. Marine biologist Prof Jason ...

Climate crisis threatens access to nutrients in fish, studie bevind

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The climate crisis and to a lesser extent overfishing could threaten the world’s supply of essential vitamins and minerals gained from fisheries, according to research. Globally, 1 billion people rely on fish and seaf...

Oregon blaze threatens 2,000 homes as new wildfires erupt in western states – video

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A swiftly spreading wildfire raged through drought-parched timber and brush in south-central Oregon for a ninth day on Wednesday, displacing hundreds of residents. The Bootleg fire - which has burned through more than...

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