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Yodel workers to strike, threatening M&S, Aldi and Very deliveries

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Delivery group Yodel is set to face strike action after 250 of its couriers voted to protest over pay and conditions, potentially adding to disruption caused by lorry driver shortages. The dispute, which could affect ...

Tropical Storm Nicholas strengthens off Texas coast, threatening rain and floods

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Tropical Storm Nicholas was strengthening off the US Gulf coast on Monday and could make landfall in Texas as a hurricane, bringing heavy rain and floods to coastal areas from Mexico to storm-battered Louisiana. Forec...

UTS professor Dianne Jolley found guilty of sending herself threatening letters

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A former university dean has been found guilty of sending fake threatening letters to herself after a Sydney jury heard she shredded her own clothes and sent herself underwear as part of an elaborate ploy. For months ...

Hurricane Elsa races toward Haiti, threatening floods and landslides

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Hurricane Elsa raced towards Haiti and the Dominican Republic on Saturday, threatening to unleash flooding and landslides before heading for Cuba and Florida. The category 1 storm was about 110 miles east-south-east ...

Ben Roberts-Smith wrote threatening letters to SAS soldier and set fire to his own laptop, la corte ha detto

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Victoria Cross recipient Ben Roberts-Smith has been accused in court, by newspapers defending a defamation claim, of writing an anonymous threat letter to another SAS soldier, warning him he would “go down” for murder...

‘Sea snot’ covers Turkish coast, threatening fishing industry

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A thick, brown, bubbly foam dubbed “sea snot” has covered the shores of the Sea of Marmara, alarming residents in Istanbul and threatening marine life. The naturally occurring mucilage was first documented in Turkey i...

Police spy denies threatening woman if she revealed his identity, inquiry told

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An undercover police officer has denied he terrified a woman with a threat of violence to her family if she exposed his fake identity, a public inquiry has been told. The police spy, who used the alias David Robertson...

Maryland police video shows officers threatening, screaming at crying child

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A police department in Maryland has released body camera video that captured two of its officers berating a 5-year-old boy who had walked away from his elementary school, calling him a “little beast” and threatening h...