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Wildfires in California threaten world’s biggest tree – video

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Firefighters have wrapped the base of the world’s largest tree in a fire-resistant blanket as they tried to save a famous grove of gigantic old-growth sequoias from wildfires burning in California. The colossal Genera...

After slavery, oystering offered a lifeline. Now sewage spills threaten to end it all

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On a cold winter morning early this year, Mary Hill was helping her 101-year-old mother get ready for the day when she received a distressing email alert. Tens of millions of gallons of raw sewage were heading for her...

‘Our future might not look the same’: wildfires threaten way of life in California’s mountain towns

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Megan Brown’s family has stewarded several ranches in and along California’s northern Sierra Nevada for six generations. But in the last four years, the Browns have faced unprecedented challenges. Four different wildf...

Wind and lightning threaten efforts to contain California’s Dixie fire

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Thousands of homes in northern California remain threatened by the largest US wildfire as unstable weather creates a high danger of new blazes across the west. Weekend thunderstorms across the northern Sierra did not ...

Pret to restore staff bonus after workers threaten strike action

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Pret a Manger has rowed back on plans to slash staff bonuses in a partial U-turn on proposed pay cuts after workers threatened strike action. sin embargo, the coffee shop chain has not reversed a decision to cease paying ...

‘Tsunami of closures’ threaten UK high streets as debt grows fivefold

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Independent high street businesses could face a “tsunami of closures” after their debt climbed to almost five times the level it was before the Covid-19 pandemic, as shops, hairdressers, bars and restaurants battle to...

Feroces incendios forestales en el noroeste de EE. UU. Amenazan las tierras tribales de los nativos americanos

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Los feroces incendios forestales en el noroeste de los EE. UU. Están amenazando las tierras tribales de los nativos americanos que ya luchan por conservar el agua y preservar los terrenos de caza tradicionales frente a la sequía. Incendios en Oregon y Washington..

Deadly heat: how rising temperatures threaten workers from Nicaragua to Nepal

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William Martínez, who as a child worked on a sugarcane plantation in rural Nicaragua, learned the hard way what many in the US and Canada are now realising: that rising temperatures are costing lives and livelihoods. ...

Ethiopian officials threaten to send troops back into Tigray

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Ethiopian military and diplomatic officials have threatened to send troops back into Tigray less than 48 hours after announcing that Addis Ababa had declared a unilateral ceasefire in the devastated northern province....

Reino Unido presenta tres leyes que amenazan los derechos humanos, dice experto de la ONU

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El gobierno de Boris Johnson está introduciendo tres leyes que harán que las violaciones de los derechos humanos sean más probables y menos probables de ser sancionadas, incluso cuando la prevención de la catástrofe climática depende de ellas. ...

Goretzka sets up Germany v England last-16 tie after Hungary threaten shock

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What a white knuckle ride this was and how fortunate, in the end, Germany can consider themselves to have reached the last 16. They will play England at Wembley on Tuesday and it may either gratify or worry Gareth Sou...

"Algo está pasando": Los ovnis amenazan la seguridad nacional, Los políticos estadounidenses advierten

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Un grupo de políticos estadounidenses de alto nivel advirtió que los ovnis plantean "preocupaciones de seguridad nacional" después de recibir una sesión informativa confidencial sobre un informe muy esperado sobre fenómenos aéreos no identificados que se espera que se re ....

Michael Gove’s civil service plans threaten impartiality, says union leader

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Secretaries of state will have “greater involvement” in the recruitment of senior civil servants working in their departments under new plans outlined by the Cabinet Office minister, Michael Gove. His comments on Tues...

Republicans threaten to sink Biden’s G7-backed plan to fix global tax system

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Joe Biden’s plans to overhaul the international tax system face mounting opposition from his Republican opposition who have called the proposals “crazy” and are threatening to block the historic deal’s passage in the ...

Rightwing protesters at Klamath Falls threaten to open reservoir headgates

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Fears of a confrontation between law enforcement and rightwing militia supporters over the control of water in the drought-stricken American west have been sparked by protests at Klamath Falls in Oregon. Protesters af...

‘Sex for a fare’ motorcycle taxis threaten Uganda’s fight against Aids

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Uganda’s motorcycle taxis riders threaten to derail the country’s fight against HIV because of risky sexual behaviours, including sex with clients in lieu of payment, según un nuevo estudio. Por lo menos 12% of a sample...

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