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Experts say China’s low-level cyber war is becoming severe threat

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Chinese state-sponsored hacking is at record levels, western experts say, accusing Beijing of engaging in a form of low-level warfare that is escalating despite US, British and other political efforts to bring it to a...

Fraud in UK at level where it ‘poses national security threat’

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Fraud in the UK has risen to a level where it poses a “national security threat”, according to the main banking body, with £754m stolen from bank customers during the first half of this year – a 30% rise on the same p...

‘Credible threat’: Black Caps arrive in Dubai after aborting Pakistan tour

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New Zealand was warned of a “specific, credible threat” against its team, the country’s cricket board said on Sunday, elaborating on the rationale for abruptly abandoning the tour of Pakistan as the squad reached Duba...

Londoners fight to save Newham City Farm from closure threat

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East London residents are fighting to save one of the oldest city farms in the capital after Newham council recommended its closure. The cows, caballos, goats, sheep, rabbits, guinea pigs and even a kookaburra at Newham...

Escasez de conductores de camiones: amenaza de huelga en dos empresas aumenta los temores de la cadena de suministro

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La amenaza de huelga por parte de los conductores de camiones en dos empresas que abastecen a la industria de la construcción y tiendas de conveniencia ha planteado la posibilidad de nuevas interrupciones este otoño en medio del peor colapso de la cadena de suministro de Gran Bretaña..

Islamism remains first-order security threat to west, says Tony Blair

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The west still faces the threat of 9/11-style attacks by radical Islamist groups but this time using bio-terrorism, Tony Blair has warned. Blair also challenges the US president, Joe Biden, by urging democratic govern...

White House calls Texas abortion law an ‘extreme threat’ – video

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‘This is not the first threat to Roe we've seen in a state across the country. It's an extreme threat,' the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, said after one of the most restrictive state abortion laws went into ...

Does the fall of Kabul increase the terror threat to the west?

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In three days in earlier this month Islamist militants killed more than 120 civilians in a series of attacks in the Sahel, a belt of increasingly anarchic and violent territory across Africa, where such groups have go...

Funerals are expensive. And family firms are under threat from new tech

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“See that place?” my father always used to say when we drove by the local cemetery. “People are just dying to get in there. Ha ha!” It was funny – at least for the first 50 times I heard it. Hey, dads are allowed to t...

Capitol bomb claim suspect charged with weapon of mass destruction threat

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A man who claimed he had a bomb in a pickup truck near the US Capitol, prompting evacuations and an hours-long standoff with police, has been charged with threatening to use a weapon of mass destruction and attempting...

My mortgage is under threat because of how my address is written

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I face being unable to secure a mortgage and losing the property I want to buy because of an anomaly with address formats in Edinburgh. The flat I rent appears in two ways: Royal Mail lists it as 5/7, while on the ele...

Tory MPs back Sunak after prime minister’s threat to sack him

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Tory MPs have lined up to back Rishi Sunak as the defender of fiscal conservativism after Boris Johnson’s threat to sack him, as Treasury sources pushed back against the idea of a carbon tax. No 10 insisted the prime ...

World’s climate scientists to issue stark warning over global heating threat

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The fires, floods and extreme weather seen around the world in recent months are just a foretaste of what can be expected if global heating takes hold, los científicos dicen, as the world’s leading authority on climate chang...

A look in the mirror: the existential threat facing beauty halls

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The department store beauty hall is facing a fight for survival: the pandemic has accelerated the shift to buying cosmetics, skincare and other pampering products online, and a growing number of sales are now via a sm...

Cricket Australia walks political tightrope amid England’s Ashes boycott threat

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While outwardly circumspect, Cricket Australia remains bullish that the Ashes scheduled to start in December this year will go ahead. This is despite reluctance from some England players to take on the tour, alongside...

California expands Covid restrictions as Delta variant threat grows

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California’s public health agency this week recommended that people wear masks indoors regardless of their vaccination status, one of several steps taken across the state as part of an urgent effort to curb the rise o...

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