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Talk of a No 10 Christmas party is an insult to the thousands who have died of Covid

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As I type this, feeling close to tears, not one single minister has been willing to publicly defend – or even describe – the government’s position on that party. Por qué? Because it is indefensible. No nuance, no shade. A...

Storm Barra leaves thousands without power in Ireland

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Más que 30,000 homes and businesses in Ireland have been left without power as Storm Barra made landfall, with winds predicted to reach 80mph as it crosses east throughout the day. Heavy rain and sleet was expected ...

Thousands still without power as Storm Arwen rages on

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Storm Arwen continues to rage over the UK, leaving thousands of people without power. Three people have been killed by falling trees as wind speeds of nearly 100mph were recorded in some parts of the country. Yellow ...

Return to the refugee camp: Malawi orders thousands back to ‘congested’ Dzaleka

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Dzaleka, Malawi’s first refugee camp, is about 25 miles north of the capital Lilongwe. Built 25 years ago in response to a surge of people fleeing genocide and wars in Burundi, Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of th...

Decenas de miles protestan en Viena contra las restricciones Covid de Austria

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Decenas de miles de personas protestaron en Viena el sábado contra las restricciones del coronavirus un día después de que el gobierno de Austria anunciara un nuevo bloqueo y dijera que las vacunas serían obligatorias el próximo año.. Silbido, C...

Canada floods leave thousands of farm animals dead and more trapped

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Thousands of farm animals have died and many more are trapped by floods in desperate need of food and water after the Pacific north-west storm battered a major hub of Canadian agriculture. Torrential rains pummelled s...

Thousands of UK breast implant patients missing off register

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Thousands of women are missing from the breast implant register set up as a result of the PIP breast implant scandal, new figures suggest. The list was recommended after thousands of women were fitted with faulty impl...

Thousands of UK phone boxes to be protected from closure

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Acerca de 5,000 public phone boxes around the UK will be protected from closure in areas of high accident rates or poor mobile signals, under plans drawn up by Ofcom, the regulator. The communications watchdog said it wou...

Noticias de Covid en vivo: Ciudad china ofrece recompensas en efectivo para rastrear el brote de Covid, miles protestan contra los mandatos de vacunación de Nueva Zelanda

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Residentes en Heihei, porcelana, se les ofrece dinero por consejos sobre cómo rastrear el brote de Delta; Manifestantes anti-mandato de vacunación descienden a Wellington

Ladrón transmite cara a cara a miles de personas después de robarle el teléfono a un periodista durante un informe en vivo - video

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Un hombre fue arrestado después de supuestamente robarle el teléfono a un periodista directamente de sus manos durante una transmisión en vivo en Egipto., un reportero del sitio de noticias Youm7, estaba filmando las secuelas de una tierraq ...

Thousands rally in Sudan’s capital to demand military rule

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Thousands of pro-military protesters have rallied in central Khartoum, vowing not to leave until the government is dissolved in a threat to Sudan’s transition to civilian rule. The protest on Saturday comes as Sudanes...

La página conmemorativa de James Brokenshire recauda miles para la caridad contra el cáncer de pulmón

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Se han recaudado miles de libras en memoria del exministro de gobierno James Brokenshire. La familia del hombre de 53 años, que murió el jueves tras sufrir un cáncer de pulmón, crear una página de recaudación de fondos para animar ....

Unsung hero: how ‘Mr Radio Philips’ helped thousands flee the Nazis

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He helped save more Jewish lives than Oskar Schindler, but while the brave deeds of the German industrialist were known around the world because of an Oscar-winning film, few know the name Jan Zwartendijk, a Dutch rad...

US to fly Haitian migrants back after thousands gather at Texas border

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The Biden administration on Saturday was working on plans to send many of the thousands of Haitian immigrants who have gathered in a Texas border city back to their homeland, a swift response to the huge influx of peo...

Experts condemn plan to install thousands of gas boilers across UK

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Energy bill-payers will be asked to subsidise the installation of tens of thousands of new gas boilers across the UK under government plans, at a time when experts say gas boilers should be urgently phased out. Expert...

Thousands of jobs at risk unless UK travel rules changed, say airlines

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The travel industry has called for ministers to tear up the UK’s Covid traffic light and PCR testing rules as figures reveal their “devastating impact” on overseas flights and holiday bookings in peak season. Bookings...

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