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US to fly Haitian migrants back after thousands gather at Texas border

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The Biden administration on Saturday was working on plans to send many of the thousands of Haitian immigrants who have gathered in a Texas border city back to their homeland, a swift response to the huge influx of peo...

Experts condemn plan to install thousands of gas boilers across UK

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Energy bill-payers will be asked to subsidise the installation of tens of thousands of new gas boilers across the UK under government plans, at a time when experts say gas boilers should be urgently phased out. Expert...

Thousands of jobs at risk unless UK travel rules changed, say airlines

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The travel industry has called for ministers to tear up the UK’s Covid traffic light and PCR testing rules as figures reveal their “devastating impact” on overseas flights and holiday bookings in peak season. Bookings...

Wildfire in south of Spain forces thousands to flee their homes – video

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People have been forced to flee their homes across many Andalucían towns and villages as fire crews in Spain worked to contain wildfire blazes. A military unit has been sent in to help tackle the fires raging close to...

West will kill thousands if it keeps on hoarding vaccines, says Gordon Brown

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Hoarding of vaccines by wealthy western nations will result in thousands of needless deaths from Covid-19 in the world’s poorest countries every month unless urgent steps are taken to distribute jabs more fairly, Gord...

Thousands gather for pro-Bolsonaro rallies as critics fear for democracy

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Thousands of diehard Jair Bolsonaro followers have converged on Brazil’s political and economic capitals hoping to stage a colossal show of support for their beleaguered president amid mounting fears over the future o...

Thousands protest against Melbourne’s lockdown restrictions – video

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An anti-lockdown protest held in Melbourne on Saturday was one of the most violent the city has had in 20 jare, Victoria’s top police officer says.Thousands gathered in the streets leading to more than 200 arrests an...

Thousands stranded in Kabul as Taliban go door-to-door

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Goeie more, Joe Biden is under increasing pressure to “move heaven and earth” to speed up visas for those who helped the US during the two decades of war in Afghanistan. Hundreds of thousands of Afghans including tr...

Afghanistan: duisende gestrand in Kaboel terwyl Taliban van deur tot deur gaan

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Tienduisende Amerikaners en Afghanen wat met Amerikaanse magte saamgewerk het, bly in Kabul gestrand, terwyl die Amerikaanse regering te kampe gehad het met 'n oorweldigende agterstand van visums en Taliban -kontrolepunte wat die ....

Thousands forced to evacuate by wildfire near Saint-Tropez

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Hundreds of French firefighters battled to contain a raging wildfire near the Mediterranean resort of Saint-Tropez on Tuesday, with thousands of residents and holidaymakers forced to evacuate. Roughly 900 firefighters...

Thousands could have isolated for no reason due to Covid app error, says source

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Many thousands of people may have isolated unnecessarily because a government error meant they were “pinged” by the Covid app for a “close contact” in the prior five days rather than two days, a Whitehall whistleblowe...

Australia Covid news live update: thousands ordered to pay back jobkeeper as parts of regional NSW plunged into lockdown

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Centrelink orders thousands to hand back jobkeeper despite businesses being allowed to keep funds; Covid spreads across NSW

Thousands of fish killed by toxic red tide wash ashore on Florida beaches

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Hundreds of tons of dead marine life have washed ashore and wafted a putrid stench along Florida’s beaches in recent weeks amid a toxic red tide bloom spreading in its waters. Thomas Patarek lives just a half mile awa...

Thousands evacuate as North Korea floods damage homes and crops – video

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Meer as 1,100 homes in North Korea were damaged, thousands of people evacuated and farms and roads washed away after days of heavy rains brought flooding, state media reported.

Thousands march in Budapest Pride to oppose anti-LGBTQ law

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Thousands of Hungarians have joined the annual Budapest Pride march to support LGBTQ people and protest against a law that limits teaching about homosexuality and transgender issues in schools. Hungary’s nationalist p...

Thousands gather across Australia in anti-lockdown protests – video

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Anti-lockdown protesters have marched in major Australian cities, as Covid cases spiked to record numbers in Sydney and authorities warned of a 'continuing and growing problem'. Thousands of angry, unmasked people mar...

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