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Fred Sirieix: ‘I was training to be a chef, but I thought it would kill my soul’

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I was born in food. My dad used to say: “We don’t have much money and we don’t have fancy cars, but we always have good food in the fridge and on the table.” My parents would buy fillet steaks, foie gras, oysters, lob...

‘I never thought this would happen in France’: day one of showing Covid vaccine pass

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There are teething troubles on day one of France’s controversial health pass for accessing public places. Outside Montpellier’s main art gallery, the Musée Fabre, a security guard squints at a visitor’s smartphone. "I...

It’s Not What You Thought It Would Be by Lizzy Stewart review – it’s different for girls

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Almost without exception, the gorgeous, clever short stories in Lizzy Stewart’s It’s Not What You Thought It Would Be are preoccupied with girlhood, as seen through the eyes of women who are now old enough and wise en...

"Pensamos que volveríamos": 10 años después, Los refugiados sirios sueñan con un hogar - ensayo fotográfico

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Millones de sirios han huido de la lucha por el pasado 10 años. La gran mayoría de los refugiados, más de 3.5 millones - viven en Turquía, pero mas que 850,000 viven en asentamientos informales en el Líbano. La vida w ...

‘I thought I would never make it’: groundbreaking grads on their success

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Nia Augustine’s family never thought she would go to college. De hecho, before she applied, her family didn’t really understand the point. “My mom’s first question was ‘why?’” This put Augustine’s decision into perspe...