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Black music artists should call out racism within our industry. They’ve got the power

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In the eight years I’ve worked in the music industry, career highs have been offset by instances of racism. I’ve often been confused with other Black people who work in the industry at events, meetings and panels – at...

Phil Parkinson de Wrexham: "Los propietarios son muy genuinos. Tienen una pasión increíble "

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El letrero "Wrexham" al estilo de Hollywood que apareció repentinamente en un viejo montón de escoria sobre la A483 el fin de semana pasado se duplica como una clara analogía de las aspiraciones y desafíos del revitalizado club de fútbol de la ciudad.. Si bien es nuevo ....

Despite my youthful appearance they’ve finally given me a Covid jab

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The prick in my arm is momentary and soon it is being dutifully wiped by a pleasant nurse. He goes so far as to tell me that the Moderna is ‘the most expensive on the market’, which makes me feel suitably fancy. I tel...

‘I couldn’t have done it without the group’: three small business owners on the things they’ve learned from each other

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Entrepreneurs can only go so far without wisdom and inspiration from outside their inner circle. Three small business owners explain what they’ve learned from other independentsOn a cold December day in 2019, Aisha Ja...