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There’s no such thing as a textbook menopause – and taking HRT isn’t ‘cheating’

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I’m not panicking about the HRT shortage yet: I’ve still got a couple of months’ worth of Oestrogel stashed under my bed. Not that I’m particularly keen to have this information bandied about – let’s face it, people h...

‘There’s a lot going on!’ History-making director of musical Six celebrates Tony award nominations

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It was written by two university students, had its first run in a converted hotel conference centre at the Edinburgh fringe and then took the West End by storm. Ahora, the hit musical Six – in which Henry VIII’s wives g...

We hoped for a Starmer surge; this is middling Miliband territory. Todavía, there’s hope

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A new dawn has broken, has it not. But the difference between 1997, when Tony Blair famously greeted victory with these words, and the rather more anticlimactic muddle of this year’s local elections, is that this isn’...

There’s rage at this Roe v Wade mess – and those on the left who didn’t see it coming

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After the initial shock, the blame. El lunes, when news broke of the leaked US supreme court draft opinion overturning Roe v Wade, millions of horrified Americans sought emotional release. “I am angry,” said Elizabet...

Port of call: there’s more to Dover than ferries, white cliffs and the A20

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It’s not every day you wind up at a lock-in with a circle of new best mates. But this is Dover and, as I’m to learn, it’s full of surprises, despite having been overshadowed by Deal and Folkestone as a destination in ...

Revisión de Macbeth: Daniel Craig y Ruth Negga se disparan, pero falta magia

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Para que la tragedia realmente te rompa el corazón, tiene que sentirse prevenible. ¿Y si el mensajero de Julieta hubiera llegado a tiempo?? ¿Y si Otelo hubiera confiado en su esposa?? ¿Y si César se hubiera quedado en casa ese día y se hubiera puesto al día con....

‘There’s help in place’: does rugby league have a drugs problem?

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Jamie Acton could not have been clearer. “You’re probably abnormal in the rugby league world if you haven’t taken drugs at some point, whether that is socially or performance‑enhancing,” the former Leigh forward said ...

‘There’s still a demand’: Bristol video shop celebrates 40 years in business

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Some arrive at the shop seeking rare films impossible to find elsewhere, while others come because they have grown disillusioned with the power of the streaming services and their algorithms. Regulars relish the good-...

Tiger Woods stays steady as flashes of magic suggest there’s more to come

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There were about 50,000 people at Augusta National for the start of the Masters: fans, medios de comunicación, miembros, stewards, caddies, cooks, camera crew and all the other support staff, and on Thursday morning almost every last o...

There’s no such thing as ‘no-fault’ divorce – the phrase they’re looking for is ‘everybody’s fault’

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El miércoles, the “no-fault divorce” law comes into effect in England and Wales, the result of years of campaigning by lawyers and family rights groups, to take the acrimony out of separation. The law until now was pe...

The hope and climate catastrophe roadshow: ‘there’s just this thirst for optimistic story’

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It’s just after 6pm on a Monday evening in the small New South Wales South Coast town of Batemans Bay, and as is the case most weeknights – especially drizzly, prematurely dark ones like this – the main shopping area ...

Guerra Rusia-Ucrania: Guerra Rusia-Ucrania

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El mes pasado, Guerra Rusia-Ucrania. Guerra Rusia-Ucrania. Guerra Rusia-Ucrania.

La nueva Autenticación Fuerte de Clientes: La nueva Autenticación Fuerte de Clientes

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La nueva Autenticación Fuerte de Clientes, nos hemos acostumbrado cada vez más a comprar en línea, pero también nos hemos vuelto más expertos en eso. nos hemos acostumbrado cada vez más a comprar en línea, pero también nos hemos vuelto más expertos en eso.

‘When I’m in front of the camera, there’s such a spark’: The YouTube cooks leaving TV chefs behind

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Traditional TV cooking shows aren’t really about cooking. They’re about watching, about seeing high-production cheffiness or Gordon Ramsay swear at people. Despite the numerous what-to-watch-in-2022 lists that feature...

Laugh at Sarah Palin all you want but there’s nothing funny about her role in dividing the US

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Help! I am writing from beleaguered New York City which, on top of dealing with giant rats, a nasty nor’easter, and the surreal “swagger’”of a Bitcoin-obsessed mayor, is also battling a Palinvasion. Sarah Palin, la ...

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