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Eat the rich! Why millennials and generation Z have turned their backs on capitalism

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The young are hungry and the rich are on the menu. This delicacy first appeared in the 18th century, when the philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau supposedly declared: “When the people shall have no more to eat, they wil...

Republicans overplayed their hand in California – and Democrats are laughing

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火曜日に, ギャビン・ニューサム, California’s embattled governor, convincingly beat back a Republican-driven recall effort. Once projected to be a nail-biter, the contest degenerated into a nearly 30-point blowout. 確かに, N.。.

How Māori women have reshaped New Zealand’s media through their native language

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Early this week, Māni Dunlop, presenter of RNZ’s Midday Report Te Pūrongo o te Poutūtanga, sent out an astonished tweet: “It’s a record whānau (家族) – no racist messages or texts on the show … is this what progress...

‘Their locks were a centrepiece of their outfits’: black hair dazzles at Met Gala

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The art of black hair was on display in eclectic glory at this week’s Met Gala, from the hair sculpture of Naomi Osaka, the waves of Lupita Nyong’o, the halo of cornrows of Olympian Allyson Felix, to the braided durag...

Why are there so many Trump staff memoirs? The authors now need to whitewash their reputations

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Stephanie Grisham used to avoid the media like her life depended on it. During her nine-month stint as Donald Trump’s press secretary – a job she juggled with her roles as communications director for both the White Ho...

Wildfire in south of Spain forces thousands to flee their homes – video

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People have been forced to flee their homes across many Andalucían towns and villages as fire crews in Spain worked to contain wildfire blazes. A military unit has been sent in to help tackle the fires raging close to...

Disc sports keep on growing – and aim to expand their empires

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Watch for flying discs. 番号, not on a college quad. On your TV. In a Major League Soccer stadium. On your gaming console. Amid your options for gambling. Maybe even in the Olympics one day. Disc golf (not frisbee golf...

UK care homes say funding shake-up threatens their viability

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The viability of care homes is under threat from the government’s plan to allow more privately funded customers to buy care at cheaper rates currently only available to councils, operators have warned. 政府 ...

College athletes are unpaid. What if injury ruins their chance of turning pro?

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It was founded in 1906 to improve player safety but resisting accountability for injuries has long been at the heart of the NCAA’s insistence that college athletes are amateurs. US college sports’ major governing body...

‘Their future could be destroyed’: the global struggle for schooling after Covid closures

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Children’s mental health suffers as schools remain shut It’s been 18 months since children in the Philippines last set foot in a classroom. The country, which has had some of the world’s toughest Covid restrictions f...


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シャッターはカラバット通りに沿ってずっと下がっています, アフガニスタンの音楽生活の名高い心, タリバンが8月中旬にカブールに押し寄せて以来. ミュージシャンは楽器を家に持ち帰りました, またはそれらをstorに詰め込みました。.

慰めの量: 物理学者でさえまだ頭を悩ませています

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量子物理学に関する社説 (30 8月) リチャード・ファインマンからの引用で始まり、「誰も量子力学を理解していない」と言い、次に「それはもはや真実ではない」と言います。. 我々の一人 (ノーマンドンビー) 量子thを教えられました。.


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時々彼らのコントロールを超えた理由で, ミュージシャンは常に自分の業務を保護することに長けているわけではありません. 不謹慎な取引の例は無数にあります, パブリックフォールアウト (ミーガンジースタリオンのレシーブをご覧ください。.


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先週の終わりには、北アメリカと中央アメリカで重大なハリケーン活動が見られました. ハリケーンアイダがカテゴリーとしてキューバを襲った 1 金曜日にハリケーンが発生し、その後、追跡しながら強度が増し続けました。 ...

「彼らは彼らの自由を犠牲にしました」: 投獄された黒人活動家を偲んで

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アーティストが黒人解放運動に対処することを選択したとき, ほとんどの場合、レガシーです: 自由, 歴史的なポスター, 画像. しかし、それは現在です, アーティストで活動家のソフィア・ドーソンがGに語ったように。.

通話の終了: 若い人たちが着メロを黙らせた理由

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名前: ジェネレーションミュート. 年齢: 16-24. 申し訳ありません. 何って言ったの? [ささやき] ジェネレーションミュート. どのように私はあなたを聞くことになっていますか? 私を振動させて! 申し訳ありません? Bzzz bzzz bzzz. 何? ああ! 騒音は終わった. 上手, 実際に, うるさい ...

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