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50% of UK theatres streaming shows online during Covid revert to in-person only

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More than half of UK theatres that offered online performances during the Covid pandemic have reverted to in-person shows this autumn, raising concerns that improved accessibility for disabled audiences could be lost....

West End theatres bank on staging a revival with big-budget productions

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Britain’s biggest theatre owners are banking on new big-budget productions including Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Cinderella, Disney’s Frozen and Back to the Future to stage a post-pandemic comeback but a change in theatrego...

Theatres accuse UK government of breaking Covid-19 insurance promise

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Theatre unions and trade bodies claim the UK government has “let down a vital industry” by failing to back a Covid-19 insurance scheme to help their beleaguered sector. Since England’s venues reopened on 17 Mei, theat...

RSC completes £8m project to update theatre’s costume department

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“This is the first time I’ve had natural light in 32 jare,” said Alan Smith as he contemplated the job in hand: cutting some thick brass to make a jewel-encrusted knuckle duster for The Comedy of Errors. Elsewhere in...

UK theatres promise to only cast trans actors in trans roles

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Several of the biggest theatres in the UK have pledged to only cast trans, non-binary or gender non-conforming actors in roles for characters with those identities, in a move industry figures have described as a tippi...

‘The heat is on’: top theatres act to root out ‘system failure’ of racism

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The Young Vic and Royal Court theatres have entered into a pioneering consultation process that aims to identify and root out systemic racism from their venues. The artistic directors of both London institutions have ...

‘A light at the end of the tunnel’: Australian theatres launch 2021 seasons as the rest of the world stays dark

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“Australia has become a test case for the rest of the performing arts world,” the Washington Post proclaimed last month, as theatres across the country prepared to move to full capacity, while throughout most of Europ...

‘It has been a sort of nightmare’: how major theatres abroad fared in the pandemic

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In the disUnited Kingdom there are glimmers of light for the theatre. Some openings are scheduled for 17 Mei; with further relaxation of restrictions, more are likely to follow in June. The support in Rishi Sunak’s bu...