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‘We were the AYBs – the angry young Blacks’: the art movement that rocked Thatcher’s Britain

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Shortly after Margaret Thatcher became prime minister in May 1979, Eddie Chambers made an artwork called Destruction of the National Front. Then a 19-year-old student in Wolverhampton, Chambers reconfigured the union ...

Road review – community spirit turns sour in Thatcher’s Britain

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Angela Rayner would probably approve of the “Tory scum” slogan scrawled in orange spraypaint on the corrugated iron at the back of Amelia Jane Hankin’s two-storey set. It is a sentiment that pervades Jim Cartwright’s ...

Reshuffle compared to Margaret Thatcher’s 1981 ‘purge of the wets’

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For a man often said to be a people pleaser and conflict avoider, in his two years as prime minister Boris Johnson has sacked 27 cabinet ministers. His three reshuffles so far have been brutal, rejecting any attempt a...

Die Guardian se siening oor gelykop: not Johnson’s idea but Thatcher’s

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In the British cult comedy movie Monty Python’s Life of Brian there is a row between members of the People’s Front of Judea over “what have the Romans ever done for us?”. While the characters initially castigate the i...