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Coronavirus regstreeks: Britse reaksie op Covid is 'n 'openbare gesondheidsversaking', ondersoek vind, Thailand verwelkom toeriste terug

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Brittanje se aanvanklike reaksie op die koronaviruspandemie het tot meer sterftes gelei, Commons -navraag vind; Thailand sal verpligte kwarantyn laat vaar vir besoekers in die Verenigde Koninkryk en Amerika

Thailand develops robotic system to up Covid vaccine doses

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Researchers in Thailand have developed a machine to draw out Covid-19 vaccine doses more efficiently and optimise lower-than-expected supplies as the country struggles with its worst coronavirus outbreak yet. Using a ...

Thailand forced by court to rescind ‘public fear’ order

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The Thai government has been forced by a court injunction to rescind an order banning news that “causes public fear”, as it faces growing protests over its handling of the Covid pandemic. The government, which had sou...

Thailand protesters clash with riot police over handling of Covid

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More than a thousand Thai anti-government protesters clashed with police in Bangkok on Saturday as they rallied against the government’s failure to handle coronavirus outbreaks and its impact on the economy. The prote...

Thailand: Bangkok warehouse turned into 1,800-bed hospital as Covid crisis worsens

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A cargo warehouse at Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport has been turned into an 1,800-bed field hospital, as the country struggles with its most severe outbreak since the start of the pandemic. Hospitals in the capital Bangk...

Coronavirus live nuus: fears in Japan after record case rise; Cambodia locks down provinces bordering Thailand

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Cambodia’s lockdown bans most people from leaving their homes, gathering in groups and conducting business; Japan facing most serious situation since the pandemic began, says Covid health adviser

Coronavirus live nuus: Thailand confirms record community cases; Pfizer to ask for third dose approval

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Thailand reports 9,276 community cases and 72 sterftes; Pfizer to ask US regulators to authorise booster dose to combat Delta variant

Coronavirus live nuus: Thailand confirms record new cases; Pfizer to ask for third vaccine dose approval

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Thailand reports 9,276 gevalle en 72 sterftes; Pfizer to ask US regulators to authorise booster dose to combat Delta variant

Thailand reports record Covid-19 cases as concerns mount about vaccine shortages

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Health authorities in Thailand reported more than 6,200 new Covid-19 cases on Saturday, setting a record for a third straight day, as concerns mounted over shortages of treatment facilities and vaccine supplies. Offic...

Coronavirus live nuus: Biden behind on global vaccine delivery; Thailand suffers second day of record deaths

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US President fails to deliver 80m doses by end of June; Thailand toll comes as Phuket reopens for tourism; Australia vaccine rift grows

Coronavirus live nuus: Thailand suffers record deaths; Kim Jong-un warns of ‘grave incident’ in North Korea

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North Korean leader says there is ‘huge crisis’ in antivirus fight; Thailand confirms 53 deaths in 24 ure; Tokyo may extend coronavirus restrictions into Olympics period

Coronavirus live nuus: Thailand suffers record daily deaths; Tokyo bans alcohol at Olympics

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Thailand confirms 51 fatalities as authorities battle third and deadliest outbreak; Tokyo organising committee decides against allowing alcohol sales after public outcry; New Zealand brings back restrictions in Wellin...

Elephant in the room: visitor crashes through kitchen wall in Thailand

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Ratchadawan Puengprasoppon was awoken in the early hours of Saturday morning by crashing and banging. When she went to find out what had happened, she discovered an elephant’s head poking through her kitchen wall besi...

Thailand begin met die inenting van Covid met behulp van steekproewe wat deur die firma van die koning gemaak word

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Thailand het sy Covid-inentingsveldtog begin te midde van kommer oor die aanbod van dosisse, wat hoofsaaklik plaaslik vervaardig word deur 'n koninklike maatskappy wat geen ervaring het met die vervaardiging van entstowwe nie. Thailand ai ...

Thailand pro-democracy activists charged over protest near queen’s motorcade

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Prosecutors in Thailand have indicted five pro-democracy activists on charges of attempting to harm the queen during a street demonstration in October last year, in which some protesters shouted slogans critical of th...

Myanmar airstrikes cause thousands to flee across Thailand border

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A series of airstrikes by Myanmar’s military has driven thousands of people across the country’s border with Thailand, adding a new dimension to an already volatile and deadly crisis. The strikes in areas populated pr...

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