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Biden urges supreme court to block Texas’ near-total abortion ban

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The Biden administration has asked the supreme court to block Texas’ extreme abortion ban as a battle over its constitutionality plays out in the courts. The Texas law, which has halted most abortions in the state, de...

Republicans move to tighten grip on Texas after redistricting map approved

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Republicans have moved to tighten their grip on power in Texas after a late-night vote in the state’s legislature approved an early sign-off to new congressional boundaries at the expense of communities of color. Die ...

Biden administration to ask supreme court to halt Texas abortion ban

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The Biden administration said on Friday it will turn next to the US supreme court its attempt to halt a Texas law that has banned most abortions since September. The move by the justice department comes after an appea...

Texas school official says classrooms with books on Holocaust must offer ‘opposing’ views

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A Texas school district official told educators if they kept books about the Holocaust in their classrooms, they would have to also offer “opposing” viewpoints in order to comply with a new state law. In an audio clip...

US justice department to investigate alleged Texas juvenile detention abuse

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The US justice department has launched an investigation into juvenile detention facilities in Texas after receiving reports of physical and sexual abuse by staff members against children, the US assistant attorney gen...

Texas governor bars vaccine mandates in state as deaths approach 70,000

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The Texas governor, Greg Abbott, issued an executive order Monday to prohibit any entity, including private business, from enforcing a Covid-19 vaccine mandate on workers and called on state lawmakers to pass a simila...

Die beperkende wet op aborsie in Texas, een dag nadat dit geblokkeer is, tydelik weer ingestel

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'N Federale appèlhof het Texas Vrydagaand toegelaat om die tydelike verbod op die meeste aborsies te hervat, net 'n dag nadat klinieke regoor die staat vir die eerste keer sedert begin September weer begin om pasiënte te bedien..

Texas activists and Democrats vow to keep fighting after abortion ban blocked

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Texas’s near-total abortion ban has been temporarily blocked after a federal judge ruled on Wednesday that it violated the constitutional right to an abortion. Reproductive rights groups and Democrats have welcomed th...

‘Only a few days to work with’: a south Texas abortion clinic strains under SB8’s tight deadline

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Originally published by the 19th Karla S knew she was pregnant almost right away. She could tell by the smells: “Everything was rancid,” Karla said. She texted her boyfriend, who bought her a test that she took that ...

Alito hits out at ‘intimidation’ in defence of supreme court’s Texas abortion ruling

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Samuel Alito has become the latest US supreme court justice to defend the panel’s political independence, labeling criticism of recent ultra-conservative decisions including a tacit approval of an abortion ban in Texa...

Texas abortion law: federal judge to hear Biden administration’s challenge

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A federal judge will consider whether to block Texas’s six-week abortion ban, the most restrictive anti-abortion law in force in the US, in a suit brought by the Biden administration. Since September, the law has bann...

A felon sued a Texas doctor for performing an abortion. Flustered ‘pro-lifers’ are backpedaling

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Dr Alan Braid, an OBGYN based in San Antonio, broke the law on purpose. In an essay published in the Washington Post last Saturday, the doctor announced that he performed an abortion on a woman who was past six weeks ...

Uma Thurman recounts her abortion as a teen in essay condemning Texas ban

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Uma Thurman has railed against the “horror” of Texas’s draconian new abortion law and called for the ban to be lifted, as she opened up about an abortion she had as a teenager. Writing for the Washington Post, the act...

Nuwe wetgewing in Texas verbied dwelms wat aborsie veroorsaak ná sewe weke swangerskap

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Teen die einde van die jaar kan Texas nog meer beperkings op die vermoë hê om 'n aborsie te ondergaan nadat die Republikeinse goewerneur Greg Abbott stilweg nuwe beperkings by die wet aangemeld het wat die posbestelling van abo verbied..

Doctor who publicly defied Texas law by performing abortion has been sued

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A San Antonio doctor who said he had performed an abortion in defiance of Texas’s new law has been sued, setting up a potential test of the legality of the extreme, near-total ban on the procedure. Former attorneys in...

Texas couple denied service at restaurant for breaking ‘no mask’ rule

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A Texas couple were denied service at a restaurant because they were wearing masks. Natalie Wester spoke to CBS DFW, a local TV station, about her experience with her husband, Jose, and a few friends. Verlede week, sy ...

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