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Public urged to retake Covid tests after false negatives in Berkshire

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Members of the public have been urged to book for further testing after some PCR tests at a government-run site in Berkshire resulted in false negatives. West Berkshire council said in a statement some of the tests at...

Coronavirus live nuus: Singapore expands quarantine-free travel; free Covid tests ‘could be scrapped’ – reports

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Brazil’s death toll passes 600,000; study finds cases of anxiety and depression increased dramatically in 2020

Al vier die Engelse vroue -rugbyunie se herfstoetse word regstreeks op BBC vertoon

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Die 2022 Die Wêreldbeker begin Vrydag 'n jaar en Engelse vrouerugby het sy profiel 'n verdere hupstoot gekry met bevestiging dat die rooi rose se herfs toetse regstreeks op aardse televisie uitgesaai word. BBC ...

North Korea accuses UN security council of double standards over missile tests

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North Korea has accused the United Nations security council of applying double standards over military activities among UN member states amid international criticism over its recent missile tests. The council met behi...

Brett Kavanaugh tests positive for Covid-19 as court prepares for new term

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Justice Brett Kavanaugh has tested positive for Covid-19, the supreme court announced on Friday, just three days before the court is set to begin a new term hearing oral arguments in key cases relating to religion, gu...

Coronavirus live nuus: fourth Brazil UN attendee tests positive; life expectancy falls by most since second world war

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Life expectancy of American men drops by more than two years; CEO of Brazilian state lender tests positive for Covid

Die Brasiliaanse minister toets positief vir Covid nadat hy 'n maskerlose Johnson ontmoet het

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Die minister van gesondheid van Brasilië, Marcelo Queiroga, het positief getoets vir Covid en isoleer, 24 ure nadat hy 'n maskerlose Boris Johnson en ander Britse amptenare in New York ontmoet het. kaasagtig, wat naby Jo gesit het ...

Coronavirus live nuus: Die minister van gesondheid in Brasilië toets positief by die VN; Indië doen 'n beroep op die Verenigde Koninkryk om kwarantyngeskil op te los

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Marcelo Quiroga toets positief nadat Jair Bolsonaro in die VN in New York gepraat het; Indië vra die Verenigde Koninkryk om die reël te skrap vir ingeëntde Indiese reisigers

Israel to prosecute Hasidic pilgrims who faked negative Covid tests to fly home

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Israel says it will prosecute dozens of pilgrims returning from Ukraine who flew back into the country with fake negative Covid test results. The pilgrims had been attending the annual celebration of the Jewish new ye...

Travel industry ‘likely to offer UK holidaymakers free Covid tests’

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A travel industry expert has predicted that many tour operators and travel companies will start to offer free Covid tests to holidaymakers. Paul Charles, chief executive of travel consultancy the PC Agency, made his c...

GP staff facing abuse from patients over cancelled blood tests

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GP surgery staff are facing abuse from patients who are “angry and upset” that their blood test has been cancelled because of the NHS-wide chronic shortage of sample bottles. “Patients are angry when we ring them up a...

Calls for asylum seekers to be freed from detention after Melbourne guard tests positive for Covid

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Asylum seeker advocates are calling for people held in immigration detention to be released into the community after Victorian health officials revealed a guard at a facility in Melbourne had tested positive for Covid...

US podcast star Joe Rogan tests positive for Covid

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Joe Rogan, the popular US podcast host, has tested positive for Covid-19. The standup comedian, who attracted controversy for suggesting the young and healthy should not get vaccinated, said he fell ill after returnin...

Northern Ireland deputy first minister Michelle O’Neill tests positive for Covid

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Northern Ireland’s deputy first minister, Michelle O’Neill, has said she has contracted Covid-19. The Sinn Féin politician tweeted that she was in self-isolation but hoped to return to public duties next week. She wr...

England in control as Joe Root’s third century in three Tests punishes India

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The hangdog expression on Joe Root’s face after Jasprit Bumrah had clattered his stumps was ridiculous and telling in equal measure. Ridiculous because the England captain had 121 runs to his name – only cricket can s...

Doctors in England ration blood tests due to sample bottle shortage

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Hospitals and GPs in England are being forced to ration blood tests as the NHS struggles to cope with a severe shortage of the plastic sample bottles that are filled and then sent to a laboratory for analysis. Some GP...

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