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Civil servants called UK Covid testing scheme ‘unlegit’, hof verhoor

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Civil servants described the government’s Covid testing programme as “unlegit” and “no way to do business” in emails revealed in a high court challenge to the awarding of up to £85m in contracts for antibody tests. Th ...

Slackers barred: testing Tokyo’s anti-procrastination cafe

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Writers in Tokyo in search of an antidote to procrastination and unproductive work practices can now toil in the company of the similarly afflicted, united in their determination to confront the tyranny of the looming...

UK health agency to cut 800 jobs and halt routine Covid testing

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The flagship public health body set up by Boris Johnson to combat the pandemic is in turmoil, with plans looming to cut jobs by up to 40% and suspend routine Covid testing in hospitals and care homes to save money. Wh...

Lack of Covid testing leaves researchers blind to evolution patterns, WIE waarsku

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A dramatic drop in testing for Covid-19 has left the world blind to the virus’s continuing rampage and its potentially dangerous mutations, the head of the World Health Organization has warned. The UN health agency sa...

End of free Covid testing risks creating ‘a perfect storm’ for UK economy

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The removal of free Covid tests is an “anti-business” measure that risks hitting the economy as it faces spiralling costs and uncertainty, ministers have been warned. Some workplaces are already seeing teams hit hard ...

Covid cases at an all-time high, free testing scrappedso what will happen now?

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Amper 5 million people in the UK are now believed to have Covid-19, it was estimated last week – an all-time high figure for the disease which first struck the nation two years ago. Hospital admissions and deaths are...

Testing times: why North Korea’s missile launches should worry the west

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When it comes to North Korean missile launches – and much else about the secretive regime – all may not be as it seems. Days after the regime claimed it had successfully tested its biggest intercontinental ballistic m...

Elon Musk reports testing positive for Covid-19 for second time

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Elon Musk said on Monday he had “supposedly” tested positive for Covid-19, with no major symptoms. “I supposedly have it again (sigh), but almost no symptoms,” the Tesla and SpaceX billionaire said in a tweet. He also...

End of free Covid testing could put vulnerable at risk, say UK experts

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Come the end of March, the lights will dim on the UK’s Covid epidemic. Despite infection levels rising, cases will plummet, as free lateral flow and PCR tests are stopped for the majority of people in England, with ot...

‘Terrible plan’: call for Queensland to stop closing Covid testing clinics as case numbers escalate

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One of Queensland’s leading infectious diseases experts has called on the state government to rethink winding down Covid testing services given the current wave of infections. Op Saterdag, Queensland recorded 9,404 ne...

Sebastian Vettel to miss Bahrain GP after testing positive for Covid-19

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Sebastian Vettel will miss Formula One’s opening round in Bahrain this weekend after testing positive for Covid-19. The four-time world champion will be replaced by his fellow German Nico Hülkenberg for Sunday’s seaso...

‘Serious escalation’: US believes North Korea testing intercontinental missile

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The US believes North Korea is testing a new intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) in what the Biden administration called a “serious escalation” that will trigger more sanctions. Pyongyang conducted two recent mi...

People in England: are you planning on going out after testing positive for Covid?

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Van 24 Februarie, people in England will no longer be legally required to self-isolate, whether they come into contact with someone with Covid or test positive themselves. We would like to hear your thoughts on whethe...

NHS lacks 6,000 staff needed to run testing centres in England

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The NHS does not have the 6,000 staff needed to run its promised array of new testing centres designed to speed up diagnosis of cancer and other diseases, medical leaders are warning. The drive to recruit the radiogra...

wat kan help om te verduidelik waarom dit lyk asof hulle 'n laer risiko het om Covid te versprei, wat kan help om te verduidelik waarom dit lyk asof hulle 'n laer risiko het om Covid te versprei

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wat kan help om te verduidelik waarom dit lyk asof hulle 'n laer risiko het om Covid te versprei. wat kan help om te verduidelik waarom dit lyk asof hulle 'n laer risiko het om Covid te versprei.

Tory row over testing casts shadow over PM’s Covid announcement

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Cabinet ministers were already waiting in No 10 on Monday morning when it became clear the sign-off for the prime minister’s much-anticipated end to Covid regulations was not going to be as perfunctory as they had ima...

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