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‘American democracy will continue to be tested’: Peril author Robert Costa on Trump, the big lie and 2024

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It is nearly half a century since Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein became the world’s most famous journalistic double act, immortalized by Robert Redford and Dustin Hoffman in the film All the President’s Men. But Wood...

Federal workers must be vaccinated or regularly tested

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Goeie more. Joe Biden announced yesterday that all civilian federal workers must show proof of vaccination against Covid-19 or face regular testing and physical distancing, masking and travel restrictions. In a new...

Sajid Javid posts message saying he has tested positive for Covid – video

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The health secretary for England, Sajid Javid, has announced in a video on Twitter that he has tested positive for coronavirus and has mild symptoms. In a video, Javid said: “This morning I tested positive for Covid. ...

1,300 Scotland fans who travelled to London later tested positive for Covid

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Byna 1,300 Scotland fans who travelled to London to watch their team play England on 18 June later tested positive for coronavirus, with a total of almost 2,000 football-related cases emerging from Test and Protect ...

Sewage samples being tested across England to monitor Covid variants

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Sewage samples are being tested to determine which Covid-19 variants are most prevalent across regions accounting for two-thirds of England’s population. The Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) said the progra...

Living in Bolton: have you tested positive for coronavirus during the recent outbreak?

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Efforts to tackle an outbreak in Bolton of a new variant first identified in India has led to more than 6,200 people receiving their first vaccination by Sunday evening. People were able to queue at a mass vaccination...