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9/11 anniversary: Bush calls for unity as US marks 20 years since terror attacks – live

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Biden and Harris among leaders at ceremonies in New York, at the Pentagon and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania• Sign up to receive First Thing – our daily briefing by email

Far-right terror poses bigger threat to US than Islamist extremism post-9/11

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Donald Trump’s presidency was bookended with two of the ugliest outbursts of white nationalist violence in 21st century America – the 2017 far-right rally in Charlottesville and the 2021 storming of the US Capitol by ...

Belgian broadcaster releases interview with on-the-run Paris terror suspect

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A day before he goes on trial in the French capital, Belgian public broadcaster RTBF has released an interview with the alleged kingpin of the Paris terror attacks, recorded as he was fleeing France in the aftermath o...

Close to home: how US far-right terror flourished in post-9/11 focus on Islam

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The US government acted quickly after 9/11 to prevent further attacks by Islamic extremists in the US. Billions of dollars were spent on new law enforcement departments and vast powers were granted to agencies to surv...

Sospechoso de terrorismo del Estado Islámico nacido en Gran Bretaña se declara culpable de múltiples cargos

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Un terrorista británico acusado de decapitar a rehenes occidentales para el Estado Islámico se declaró culpable de múltiples cargos en un tribunal federal de EE. UU.. Alexanda Amon Kotey, 37, era uno de la pandilla de cuatro militantes del EI apodado “th ...

Joe Biden says new Kabul terror attack highly likely in next 24 a 36 horas

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Joe Biden warned on Saturday that another terrorist attack in Kabul was highly likely in the next 24 a 36 horas, and said the US drone strike which killed two Islamic State targets in retaliation for the deaths of 13...

‘Another terror attack in Kabul is likely,’ White House says – live

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Reunión informativa del jueves: Kabul airport terror warning

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Morning everyone. I’m Martin Farrer and these are the top stories this morning. Bretaña, the US and Australia have warned citizens and visa holders to stay away from Kabul airport unless otherwise instructed, citing ...

Afganistán noticias en vivo: UK warns of Kabul airport terror threat as evacuations enter desperate final phase

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UK warns against travelling to airport, citing ‘ongoing and high threat’ of terrorist attack; 1,500 Americans remain in country with less than a week left until deadline; allies begin winding up evacuations

UK wrestles with effects of Taliban rule on terror, drugs and aid

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With the Taliban now firmly in control of most of Afghanistan, British government figures have been wrestling with what that means for everything from counter-terrorism to the drugs trade and aid. How soon should Brit...

Return of Taliban in Afghanistan could accelerate rise of terror groups, top US general warns

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The US’s top military general has warned that the collapse of the Afghan government and return of Taliban rule could accelerate the possible threat of terrorist groups reforming in the country. The chairman of the joi...

I covered Hong Kong for decades. Now I am forced to flee China’s ‘white terror’

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When I arrived in Hong Kong in 1987 as the Observer’s south-east Asia correspondent, the foreign editor said he saw it as being a base, not the kind of territory that would generate much news but it was a safe place t...

I saw Afghan interpreters translate so much more than words – now they live in terror

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The plight of hundreds of Afghan interpreters who have served alongside British forces over the past 20 years is becoming increasingly desperate. They are hunted by a resurgent Taliban. They are executed for “collabor...

How ‘super-detector’ dogs are helping free Iraq from the terror of Isis mines

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On the wide, flat plain of the Sinjar district of northern Iraq, Naif Khalaf Qassim lets his dog, an eight-year-old Belgian shepherd, range across the dry earth on a 30-metre leash until Branco stops and sits, tail wa...

MI5 investigated rightwing terror suspect who was 13 años

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MI5’s chief has revealed that the agency had found itself investigating a terror suspect who was 13 años, part of a “rising trend” of radicalised teenagers becoming engaged in rightwing terrorism across the UK. K...

Reading terror attack victims remembered at memorial one year on

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Family and friends of the three men killed in a terror attack in Reading have told of their heartache at a memorial service. James Furlong, a 36-year-old history teacher, Dr David Wails, a 49-year-old scientist, and J...

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