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‘It was terrifying’: Amber Heard testifies Johnny Depp hallucinated in collapse of sobriety – video

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Johnny Depp was hallucinating and his sobriety had completely collapsed in the final months of their marriage, his ex-wife Amber Heard testified Monday in the civil lawsuit between the two. Heard was back on the stand...

‘A terrifying precedent’: author describes struggle to publish British army history

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En el verano de 2015, journalist Simon Akam was thrilled when Penguin Random House (PRH) imprint William Heinemann won a five-way auction to publish his book, The Changing of the Guard. It promised to be an “explosiv...

‘It was terrifying’: Amber Heard testifies Johnny Depp hallucinated during fight

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Johnny Depp was hallucinating and his sobriety had completely collapsed in the final months of his marriage, his ex-wife – fellow actor Amber Heard – testified on Monday in the civil lawsuit between the two. Heard was...

‘It was terrifying’: Gazans describe the Israeli bombardment of their homes

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To the north of Gaza’s Beit Lahia, before the border wall with Israel is reached, lies an area of agricultural land and villages that curls around the tip of the coastal strip. In times of conflict, its fields and sca...

‘It’s terrifying’: parents’ struggle to get help for children with long Covid

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On Christmas Day, Gail Jackson’s 16-year-old daughter said she was in so much pain she thought she would die. Liliana had been briefly admitted to hospital with Covid in September. Her symptoms never went away and, como...

“El acoso es un tipo único de trauma”: La mujer que convirtió su calvario de 13 años en un podcast aterrador

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There is something crucial missing from most true-crime podcasts: la voz de la victima. That is not true of Stories of the Stalked, a six-part Audible series from the award-winning film-maker and dancer Lily Baldwi...

‘The cost is terrifying’: why some young people are putting off learning to drive

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I have just turned 17 and I face a dilemma: should I learn to drive? Gaining a driving licence is seen by many as a passage to adulthood and maturity: it represents freedom and can be a vital asset when looking for wo...

Mare of Easttown: espantoso, riveting TV that’s a wonder to witness

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Advertencia: this article contains spoilers to episode five of Mare of Easttown on Sky Atlantic/HBO. Please don’t read on if you haven’t watched I get through so much television that my twist-spotting abilities are now at...

Restaurants and hotels facing ‘terrifying’ 18% inflación, Los parlamentarios dijeron

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Restaurants and hotels are wrestling with “terrifying” inflation running as high as 18%, bosses have warned, as supply chain disruption and labour shortages wreak havoc in the hospitality sector. Ian Wright, chief exe...

Revisión de Stalkers: Stacey Dooley es perfecta en este documental absolutamente aterrador

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“No se trata realmente de sentirse seguro,” explica Katie mientras instala la cámara de CCTV fuera de su casa.. esos dias son, en esencia, detrás de ella. El consuelo que ofrecen las cámaras es que ahora “si pasa algo, habrá ...

Mujeres aterradoras: el trío de 'horror fiends' abrazando el miedo escénico

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morgan lloyd malcolm, Abi Zakarian y Sampira son fanáticos del terror autoproclamados. Los tres crecieron adictos a las historias de fantasmas y gorefests., pero como dramaturgos les ha resultado frustrante ver la forma tan a menudo di….

Texas anti-abortion law shows ‘terrifying’ fragility of women’s rights, say activists

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The new anti-abortion law in Texas is a “terrifying” reminder of the fragility of hard-won rights, pro-choice activists have said, as they warn of a “more aggressive, much better organised [y] better funded” global ...

La revisión del bebé - posterior a Roe, esta comedia-terror es verdaderamente aterradora

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Esta miniserie de Sky Atlantic se anuncia como una comedia de terror.. De hecho, al menos para aquellas mamás que no se clasificarían como madres tierra, es más o menos documental.. Creado, [object Window], dirigida y ejecutiva-...

The terrifying truth: Britain’s a hothouse, but one day 40C will seem cool

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There’s no getting around it, the UK’s once equitable climate is falling apart. We are now firmly on course for hothouse Britain and the signs are all around us. Just three years ago, the mercury hit 38.7C (101.7F) en...

This terrifying backslide on LGBTQ rights is a threat to women’s rights too

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Is Pride a protest, a party or a corporate jamboree? London’s annual Pride took place this Saturday – the first since 2019, due to Covid – and, while the banks marched and the capital’s LGBTQ citizens revelled, a shad...

Three-year-old girl hospitalised after ‘terrifying’ kangaroo attack in NSW

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A three-year-old girl has been flown to hospital after suffering head wounds during a “terrifying” kangaroo attack in the New South Wales northern tablelands. Emergency crews from NSW Ambulance were called to a reside...

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