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Japan’s Prince Akishino lambasts media for saying ‘terrible things’ about his daughter

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Prince Akishino, the first in line to the Japanese throne, has lambasted the country’s media for their treatment of his eldest daughter, Mako, accusing them of saying “terrible things” about her in the run-up to her m...

The Unforgivable review – Sandra Bullock does something terrible in ITV drama remake

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Sally Wainwright’s award-winning ITV crime drama Unforgiven has been redeveloped for Netflix as a feature film; it has been transplanted from Yorkshire to Seattle, and the title has been changed, perhaps to prevent an...

The Guardian view on LV’s buyout: stop this terrible backroom deal

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It was founded shortly after Victoria ascended the throne, and over the intervening 178 years a few changes have naturally been made. What was once the Liverpool Independent Legal Victoria Burial Society later became ...

How was Larry Nassar able to get away with his terrible crimes?

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As new accounts of unchecked serial sexual abuse surface almost daily, the horrific story of Larry Nassar continues to unfold. Recently the US Department of Justice announced that it will revisit its decision not to p...

Coronavirus in diretta: UK A&Es in ‘terrible place’ as chancellor rejects calls for immediate ‘plan B’

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: medical leader says emergency departments are struggling to cope as Rishi Sunak says Covid numbers don’t suggest action needed today

‘Terrible mistake’: German neo-Nazi’s ashes buried in Jewish scholar’s plot

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The church management of a cemetery outside Berlin has said it made a “terrible mistake” by allowing the ashes of a prominent Holocaust denier to be buried in the gravesite of a Jewish-born musicologist. Henry Hafenma...

‘Terrible emptiness’: parents struggle with children leaving home

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After an intense lockdown, with six adults sharing one small house, Tascha Oldland experienced a “terrible emptiness” when her two eldest children left home to study in September. “The beginning of lockdown was awful:...

The US has terrible family policies. How do expats fare abroad?

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Congress is expected to vote soon on legislation that could reshape the US social safety net by making childcare more affordable and introducing paid parental, medical and caregiving leave. It would be a dramatic over...

The terrible cost of neglecting children’s mental health

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The distressing story of children being admitted to general wards because mental health beds aren’t available (Sharp rise in acute medical beds occupied by children with nowhere else to go, 13 settembre) is a story th...

Queen commemorates ‘terrible attacks’ of 9/11 in message to Joe Biden

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The Queen has sent a message to the US president, Joe Biden, to commemorate the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and remembered her visit to Ground Zero, the site of the attack on the World Trade Center. Her message said: “A...

‘There is so much bad behaviour everywhere’: how to raise a good child in a terrible world

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When Melinda Wenner Moyer looked around in the autumn of 2018, she saw everywhere what she would describe as “assholes”. In the US and the UK, hate crime was – and is – rising. Across the world, #MeToo allegations con...

Afghans who risked their lives for Britain are being abandoned to a terrible fate

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As the Taliban started searching their neighbourhood, Abdul and his wife began to hide with different relatives across Kabul. One night they narrowly escaped, fleeing through a back door. Abdul is still carrying the j...

Jared Kushner’s hidden genius? To make terrible decisions – yet keep failing upwards

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Having selflessly served the public for four long years, Jared Kushner has decided it’s time to step away from politics and apply his unique talents elsewhere. According to mysterious sources said to be “familiar with...

The latest terrible pandemic trend? Vaccine hypocrites

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The hottest summer accessories for people who don’t want to die a horrible death but are ashamed to admit it? A wig and dark glasses. It has been reported that some people in Missouri, which has one of the lowest vacc...

‘Terrible atrocities continue’: Kapil Seshasayee, the Scottish musician calling out casteism

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Apps promised to revolutionize dating. But for women they’re mostly terrible

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I’m not exactly sure when I decided that dating apps were not for me. Maybe it was the time I went on a date with a guy who tried to recite the entire script of the 1988 horror movie Child’s Play (“And then Chucky say...

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