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Covid vaccine dip spotlights tensions between Matt Hancock and NHS

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Analisi: was NHS England letter deliberately leaked just before health secretary’s press conference?Matt Hancock’s press conference in Downing Street on Wednesday evening felt at times as if it were being delivered f...

Vaccine tensions loom in Asia as China and India trade free shots for influence

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While western Europe’s “vaccine war” has been a struggle to prevent doses from being exported, in another part of the world, the battle is to give vaccines away. La settimana scorsa, a Bahraini prince and his retinue arrived in...

European lockdown worries and rising China-west tensions weigh on markets – business live

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie

Chinese diplomat calls Justin Trudeau ‘running dog of USas tensions escalate

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A Chinese diplomat has dismissed Canada’s prime minister Justin Trudeau as a “boy” in a social media attack marking a new low in the fractured relationship between the two countries. China and Canada have clashed rep...

Birmania: US orders diplomats to leave as coup spurs ethnic tensions

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The United States has ordered the departure of non-essential diplomats from Myanmar, amid growing violence following the military coup to oust civilian leader Aung San Suu Kyi. Daily protests demanding the restoration...

‘Real thuggery’: Cornwall boats vandalised amid ‘incomer’ tensions

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The spot could hardly be more idyllic. A Cornish creek fringed by apple trees where boats bob at high tide and dogs and children frolic in the mud at low. But there is trouble in the parish of Feock after a string of ...

Briefing del giovedì: Tensioni nel Jersey mentre la marina viene inviata a proteggere il porto

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Ciao, Sono Warren Murray ed ecco le cose da fare questo giovedì mattina. Boris Johnson ha inviato due motovedette della Royal Navy per proteggere il Jersey da un temuto blocco da parte dei pescherecci francesi durante la disputa...

Israeli settlement ruling delayed as Jerusalem tensions run high

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Israel’s supreme court has delayed a deeply contentious decision on whether Jewish settlers can evict Palestinians by force from their homes, after some of the worst unrest in Jerusalem in years during which hundreds ...

The long-running tensions with Keir Starmer behind Angela Rayner’s move

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In hard hats and hi-vis jackets, the Labour leader and his deputy stood a metre apart on the campaign trail, their body language indicating a gap between them that had little to do with social distancing. In private, ...

Jerusalem: hundreds injured as violence at al-Aqsa mosque sparks heightened tensions – video

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Tensions between Israel and the Palestinians escalated dramatically on Monday as militant groups in Gaza fired rockets into Israel and Israel responded with strikes on the Palestinian territory following a police raid...

Wind turbine clash adds to UK-EU post-Brexit tensions

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A new front has opened up in the post-Brexit tensions between Boris Johnson and the EU over Brussels’ concerns that the British wind turbine industry is being favoured for government contracts worth billions of pounds...

Deadly traffic: the fuel drivers caught up in Pakistan-Iran border tensions

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Karim Jan* spent the festival of Eid al-Fitr sitting in the scorching May sun as he had spent the previous five days, waiting in a long queue of traffic to get into Iran. Like hundreds of other drivers, Jan came to th...

Why have Cuba’s simmering tensions boiled over on to the streets?

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Liuba Álvarez leaves her house three times a week at 3.45am to queue outside her local supermarket for basic goods like meat, oil and detergent. Her last queue was “relatively short”: after eight hours she came home w...

Tensions remain high as hopes dashed for breakthrough in China and India stalemate

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It was described as a dialogue, the first high-level meeting in months between the Indian and Chinese foreign ministers to address the ongoing border aggressions that have pushed the two nuclear-armed countries to the...

Mask wars: CDC’s updated guidance renews tensions across US

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Di mercoledì, Georgia governor Brian Kemp used his official Twitter account to say his state “will not lock down or impose statewide mask mandates”. It was not the first time the Republican had expressed firm opposit...

Covid Australia live news update: tensions high as national cabinet meets; first Afghanistan evacuees arrive in Perth

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ACT chief minister Andrew Barr calls on colleagues to stop presenting 70% o 80% vaccination targets as ‘freedom day’ ahead of meeting. Segui gli ultimi aggiornamenti

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