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UK invites south-east Asian nations to G7 summit amid Aukus tensions

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The UK has invited south-east Asian nations to attend a G7 foreign ministers meeting in Liverpool next month, in a move that risks highlighting concerns that the new alliance between Britain, the US and Australia will...

Xi Jinping waarsku teen terugkeer na Asië-Stille Oseaan-spanning van die koue oorlog-era

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Xi Jinping het gewaarsku teen 'n terugkeer na spanning in die Koue Oorlog-era in die Asië-Stille Oseaan, dring aan op groter samewerking oor pandemiese herstel en die klimaatkrisis. Te midde van groeiende spanning met die VSA oor Taiwan, die Chinese p...

Spanning neem toe namate Wit-Rusland migrante na die Poolse grens begelei – video

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Poolse owerhede het Wit-Rusland daarvan beskuldig dat hulle probeer om 'n groot konfrontasie te ontketen, aangesien beeldmateriaal getoon het dat honderde migrante na die Poolse grens stap. Wit-Russiese Staatsgrenskomitee het hommeltuigbeelde van Poli gedeel..

‘Two sets of laws’: racial tensions simmer in the town where police shot Jacob Blake

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As a wind swept leaves past the steps of the Kenosha county courthouse last week, the streets were sparsely trafficked as another day of proceedings came to a close in the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse, who shot three peo...

Low tax v levelling up: the Tories’ policy tensions will not go away

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The days of the big state are back. Plans announced by Rishi Sunak last week mean public spending as a share of the economy is on course to reach levels not seen since the Thatcherite revolution was about to begin in ...

John Oliver dissects Taiwan tensions: ‘Deeply weird, ambiguous status quo’

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John Oliver examined the confusing diplomatic status of Taiwan on Sunday’s Last Week Tonight, amid escalating threats from China, which insists the independent, democratically led island 100 miles off the mainland is ...

Australië wil dieper energiebande hê om Taiwan te help om koolsuur te maak, te midde van spanning in China

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Die Australiese regering sê hy wil Taiwan help om sy ekonomie te ontgas, dit as die volgende area van samewerking met die demokraties beheerde eiland te merk, te midde van voortdurende spanning met China. Die minister van handel,...

Tony Abbott wek die vrees dat China 'rampspoedig kan uitbreek' namate die spanning in Taiwan toeneem

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The former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott has raised fears Beijing “could lash out disastrously very soon” amid growing tensions over the future of Taiwan – and argued the US and Australia could not stand idly ...

Tensions rise at Kosovo border as number plate row escalates

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At an abandoned petrol station, half a mile from Kosovo’s Jarinje border checkpoint with Serbia, a giant Serbian flag had been laid out on the roof. In the former forecourt, a group of young people sat on upturned bee...

Tony Abbott says China tensions should not prevent Taiwan joining trade pact

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The former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott says the government should not allow a fear of inflaming tensions with China get in the way of accepting Taiwan’s bid to join the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact. ...

North Korea fired ballistic missiles from train amid rising tensions with the South

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North Korea says it successfully launched ballistic missiles from a train for the first time and was continuing to bolster its defences, after the two Koreas test fired missiles hours apart in duelling displays of mil...

Case of missing spy aggravates tensions among fractious Somali leadership

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The Somali prime minister, Mohamed Hussein Roble, has fired the head of the country’s intelligence unit over the disappearance of a female spy. Roble accused the spy chief, Fahad Yasin Haji Dahir, a former close ally ...

Tensions flare in Capitol as moderate Democrats hold up Biden budget plan

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Confronting moderates, House Democratic leaders tried to muscle Joe Biden’s multitrillion-dollar budget blueprint over a key hurdle, working overnight to ease an intraparty showdown that risks upending their domestic ...

Live nuus -opdatering van Covid Australia: spanning hoog namate die nasionale kabinet vergader; die eerste ontruimdes in Afghanistan arriveer in Perth

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Andrew Barr, hoofminister van ACT, doen 'n beroep op kollegas om op te hou met die aanbieding 70% of 80% inentingsdoelwitte as 'vryheidsdag' voor die vergadering. Volg die nuutste opdaterings

Mask wars: CDC’s updated guidance renews tensions across US

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Op Woensdag, Georgia governor Brian Kemp used his official Twitter account to say his state “will not lock down or impose statewide mask mandates”. It was not the first time the Republican had expressed firm opposit...

Tensions remain high as hopes dashed for breakthrough in China and India stalemate

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It was described as a dialogue, the first high-level meeting in months between the Indian and Chinese foreign ministers to address the ongoing border aggressions that have pushed the two nuclear-armed countries to the...

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