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The Maltese Falcon review – dreamlike tension and the greatest MacGuffin of all time

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John Huston’s adaptation of the Dashiell Hammett novel, as well as having the greatest MacGuffin of all time, is a ringing disproof of Raymond Chandler’s belief that detective stories depend on men coming through door...

Murder, tension, suspense: I’m not sure my nerves can cope with any more TV

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How do you decide what to watch on telly? Sometimes you want a real bit of escapism, and so don’t mind watching a brother and sister have sex before trying to take over an empire (Game Of Thrones). Or you’d like to wa...

Jerusalem seethes as the rockets begin on day of rising tension

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It was strikingly clear that the most dangerous moment in Jerusalem’s worst unrest for years would arrive on Monday. After weeks of mounting anger, a series of provocative events were all set to spiral together at onc...

How settler violence is fuelling West Bank tension

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The assault was already under way when, having hastily collected her youngest child from a neighbour, Baraa Hamamda, 24, ran home to find her three-year-old son, Mohammed, lying in a small pool of blood and apparently...

‘Fuel on the fire’: war of words between Australia and China stokes tension

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Scott Morrison says Australia’s defence policies are “designed to pursue peace” – but some analysts are worried the increasingly stark warnings from his government about the threat of a military clash with China could...