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Social housing tenant’s cry for help: Get me out of this ‘hellhole’ flat

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Constance Baker* feels she takes her life into her hands when she uses her bathroom. In Junie, following three years’ of leaks, the ceiling collapsed, showering the units with debris. Nou, when she uses the lavatory, O ...

California promised 100% rent relief for struggling tenants. Most are still waiting

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California’s ambitious program to provide rent relief to every low-income tenant struggling during the pandemic has been plagued by delays and challenges, and some renters who are waiting for the aid to arrive say the...

Help struggling tenants weather end of Covid eviction ban, urges poverty charity

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The UK government is being urged to commit more cash to support struggling renters as the end of a Covid ban on evictions puts nearly half a million tenants at risk of losing their homes. The Joseph Rowntree Foundat...

Staycation boom forces tenants out of seaside resort homes

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The lockdown shackles are off. The great half-term getaway began with predictable traffic chaos on Friday night as Britons finally got the chance to escape to the seaside. But some people living in the resorts are bei...

Grenfell chiefs failed to discuss fire escape plans with disabled tenants, inquiry hears

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Disabled survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire and relatives of disabled victims have claimed the council landlord knew about their conditions but failed to provide them with fire evacuation plans and still housed some...

Benefits freeze will leave tenants across Britain facing rent arrears of £1,000

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Low-income tenants across much of Britain will be left hundreds of pounds worse off from next month due to the government quietly imposing a real-terms cut in housing benefit, kan die waarnemer onthul. From April, die ...