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TV vanaand: 'n terugkeer uit die dood in die mediese misdaaddrama Temple

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“Dis nogal ’n storie, amper ongelooflik … ” So sê die polisiebeampte wat Beth s’n lees (Catherine McCormack) statement about coming back from the dead. Cue flashbacks of what happened when we left her husband Danie...

Is that a dishwasher or a Hindu temple? Inside kitsch pomo masterpiece Cosmic House

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The first challenge facing visitors to Charles Jencks’s house is choosing which knob to push on the front door. Two identical brass fixtures flank the entrance to 19 Lansdowne Walk in Holland Park, the first indicatio...

New Thai temple sparks controversy over claims it imitates Angkor Wat

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A temple complex being constructed in the north-east of Thailand has become mired in controversy, after it was claimed the design was an attempt to replicate Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, the world’s largest religious monume...

Pakistan deploys paramilitary in Punjab after Muslim mob attacks Hindu temple

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Pakistan on Thursday deployed paramilitary troops in a conservative town in the eastern Punjab province, a day after a Muslim crowd attacked and badly damaged a Hindu temple there. In Delhi, India’s foreign ministry s...

Archaeologists identify 3,200-year-old temple mural of spider god in Peru

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Archaeologists in northern Peru have identified a 3,200-year-old mural painted on the side of an ancient adobe temple that is thought to depict a zoomorphic, knife-wielding spider god associated with rain and fertilit...

TV vanaand: Julien Temple turns his lens on Shane MacGowan

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Director Julien Temple turns his lens towards the London-Irish punk and Pogues frontman Shane MacGowan in this revealing documentary. Interviewing his sister and father – who are at turns incredulous and dismissive o...