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I thought my mum was a telly prude, but we have more in common than I realised

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Recentemente, my mum recommended a television series on Netflix called Bombay Begums. It follows five spirited women of various ages as they fight for happiness in male-dominated modern Mumbai. It surprised me. Mainly b...

My guilty pleasure? I thought I didn’t have one, until I got a big telly for my birthday

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Recentemente, I stumbled upon a Twitter conversation about “YouTube guilty pleasures”. I clicked, and happily lost an hour watching people citing funny TV outtake videos and pop stars singing covers. I’ve always found it ...

From Big Brother to Heartbreak High: the joy of crap summer telly

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“Television”. Hard to care, in summer, isn’t it? The grubby, dusty heat; an ice cube wrapped in a tea towel and pressed against your forehead; the way the sky goes from shockingly blue to gloomy navy, then pink then o...

TV stasera: Jon Richardson has a snigger at horrifying foreign telly

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Shows sniggering at foreign telly have long been a UK staple. This latest example sees Jon Richardson pick out horrifyingly entertaining titbits from around the world. Highlights include a Spanish drama about a girl ...

‘I miss it’: how fire left a swathe of north-east England with no telly

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They might live in one of the most picturesque areas of the country but residents of the small village of West Witton in the Yorkshire Dales are having to deal with the loss of a different sort of view: their TV signa...