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Vertel ons: has television helped you while shielding during the pandemic?

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We would like to hear about how television has helped people while shielding during the pandemic. If you shielded during the shielding program in 2020 or have continued to voluntarily since, how has television helped...

And still television companies beat a path to wife-beater Stanley Johnson’s front door. Hoekom?

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Potential guides to Marco Polo, the 13th-century explorer, must be thin on the ground. Are there, in werklikheid, any out there who’ve never been described as “handsy”? En, for preference, never broken their partner’s nose?...

Premierliga seël £2 miljard Amerikaanse televisieregte-ooreenkomste met NBC aan 2028

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Die Amerikaanse uitsaaier NBC het sy televisie-ooreenkoms met die Premierliga hernu in 'n nuwe sesjaar-ooreenkoms ter waarde van £2 miljard. Dit is amper dubbeld wat die maatskappy is, die tuiste van Premierliga-dekking in die Verenigde St...

The last laugh: is the television sitcom really dead?

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The sitcom has a long history of being dead. According to the former NBC president of entertainment, Warren Littlefield, in the early 1980s many people believed the sitcom was over. In 1999, Entertainment Weekly noted...

Actors told they’re ‘too disabled’ for disabled roles in UK television

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Actors have been told they are “too disabled” to play disabled roles in popular television series, with parts instead going to able-bodied people, according to a leading screenwriter who has called for television comp...

Female presenter interviews Taliban spokesman on Afghanistan television

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On Tuesday an unprecedented discussion took place on an Afghanistan television channel: a female presenter interviewed a Taliban spokesperson about the group’s plans for the country, days after insurgents seized contr...

Team GB disappointed after television commentary gets players’ names wrong

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Team GB’s Kim Little and Rachel Daly described as “disappointing” the commentary that has seen players misnamed, as they prepared to play in Friday’s quarter-finals of the Tokyo Olympics. The errors came in a broadcas...

Television licence fee ‘preferred optionto fund BBC until 2038, sê LP’s

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Britons could be paying the television licence fee until 2038, according to a group of MPs who say the government has failed to devise a better way of funding the BBC. The licence fee, levied on households that watch ...

ITV aims to cash in after bagging Harry and Meghan television gold

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Billed as the tell-all tale of the year, Prince Harry and Meghan’s interview with Oprah Winfrey has become TV’s biggest money spinner, as broadcasters look to cash in on guaranteed television ratings gold. The Duke an...