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TechScape: Should government use the web to nudge our behaviour?

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What should a public service announcement be in the 21st century? How can a government communicate with its citizens? And when does a state-run ad campaign become public policy in its own right? These are questions I...

TechScape: Why we should switch off from GB News and watch more YouTube

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I don’t know what you were doing between 1.45pm and 3pm on Saturday afternoon. But I can be pretty certain you weren’t watching GB News, the UK’s newish rightwing television news channel. That’s not because I think yo...

TechScape: Elizabeth Holmes poetry steals the show at Theranos trial

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We’re one month in to the blockbuster trial of Elizabeth Holmes, founder of blood testing startup Theranos, and it shows no sign of releasing its grip on the public imagination. Dozens of members of the media, myself ...

TechScape: could a router revolution solve all your wifi woes?

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When was the last time you thought about your wifi network? If you’re like most people, the answer is probably “the last time it broke”. Internet access, like electricity or clean water, is one of those modern conveni...

TechScape: what to expect from the online safety bill

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You wouldn’t blame Ofcom for feeling daunted. The world, or at least the bit of the planet that wants to clean up the internet, is watching the online safety bill and the UK communications regulator has to enforce it....

TechScape: Elizabeth Holmes is far from the only tech leader overpromising and underdelivering

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It’s safe to say that it’s not a happy new year for Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of Theranos and – following a guilty verdict on four of 11 charges in a California court this week – a convicted fraudster. Holmes, you...

TechScape: Inside the rise and fall of Politics For All

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If you want to understand how a group of teenagers with no journalistic experience created one of the most influential political social media accounts in the UK, then ask Travis Wright. The 18-year-old spent most of l...

TechScape: The US government may be one step closer to breaking up Meta

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Mark Zuckerberg has a fascination with ancient Rome, but last week a court decision threatened the future of another empire: his own. Judge James Boasberg said the US competition watchdog can pursue the break up of Me...