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Birmingham teacher arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting four girls

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A teacher has been arrested after allegedly sexually assaulting four girls. The 28-year-old suspect, who works at a school in Birmingham, is also accused of sending indecent images of himself. West Midlands police sai...

New York teacher under investigation for cotton-picking lesson

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School officials in Rochester, New York are investigating allegations that a white teacher told his class of mostly Black students to pick seeds out of cotton and put on handcuffs during lessons on slavery in a sevent...

"Estoy dando a mis alumnos una visión del mundo real": el profesor de educación superior que demuestra la experiencia de vida es el mayor activo

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“La universidad de educación superior fue donde crecí y me desarrollé más, así que me encantó la idea de que podría dar a otros la oportunidad de crecer y desarrollarse también,” explica un profesional de TI convertido en profesor de FE, daniel hulatt. Hulatt ...

London teacher awarded £850,000 after pupil’s attack

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A London teacher has been awarded £850,000 in compensation after being punched in the face and kicked during a science lesson by a pupil with a history of violence towards other children and teachers. The attack was s...

Russian teacher ‘shocked’ as she faces jail over anti-war speech pupils taped

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When Irina Gen, a 55-year-old English and German language teacher in the Russian city of Penza, embarked on an anti-war speech in her classroom, little did she know she was being recorded by her own students. “I just ...

‘We want him out!": teacher leads preschoolers in anti-Biden chant

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A southern California parochial school apologized to parents after a teacher shared a video last month of her leading preschool students in a chant denouncing Joe Biden. The video obtained by ABC 7 News in Los Angeles...

La política

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La política, La política. La política ...

Mississippi teacher fired for reading I Need a New Butt! to children

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An elementary school administrator in Mississippi has said he was fired for reading I Need a New Butt!, a humorous children’s book about bottoms, to a class of second-graders. The incident has spurred criticism from f...

A glorified babysitter: my time as an unqualified substitute teacher during the pandemic

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On a frigid late December morning in the throes of the Omicron surge, I flicked off my alarm and peeked out the window: pitch black. I was awake, I was sure, and not lost in an REM-induced mirage. But it certainly fel...

‘I’m scared I’ll die in this war’: Kharkiv teacher on life under Russian attack

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Dozens of people in Kharkiv have been killed and hundreds wounded in rocket strikes by Russian forces on Monday morning, the Ukrainian interior ministry has said. Nika, a teacher in Kharkiv, describes the situation th...

Deaf children falling behind as specialist teacher numbers fall

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The number of specialist teachers of the deaf in England is at its lowest for a decade, leading to warnings that the decline is leaving hearing-impaired children “fighting for their futures”. The number has fallen by ...

West plans to tie Afghan teacher aid to girls’ education pledge

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The west is planning to incentivise the Taliban to abide by their promise to allow girls to be educated by providing funding for teachers’ salaries only in provinces in which the pledge is met. The Taliban claimed thi...

Actualización en vivo de noticias de Australia: national cabinet meets to discuss Covid school plan and teacher shortages

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Parents and students await details about return to the classroom as the start of term one approaches. Sigue todas las novedades del día

Hundreds join vigil in London for murdered teacher Ashling Murphy

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Hundreds of people gathered in London on Saturday for a vigil to remember Ashling Murphy, a primary school teacher murdered while she was on an afternoon run in Ireland last week, and call for an end to violence again...

Nothing but net: Third grade teacher makes full court shot – video

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A group of students in Washington DC watch as their teacher, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, cooly makes a basketball shot from across the court. Fitzpatrick, known as 'Ms Fitz' to her students, had promised hot chocolates for ...

Maestra de escuela primaria despedida después de ser atrapada en una película pateando un caballo

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Una maestra de escuela primaria fue despedida después de que las imágenes de un caballo siendo pateado y abofeteado provocaron indignación en las redes sociales. Sarah moldes, 37, Inicialmente fue suspendida de su cargo después de que el video mostrara a un caballo ...

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