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Actualización en vivo de noticias de Australia: national cabinet meets to discuss Covid school plan and teacher shortages

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Parents and students await details about return to the classroom as the start of term one approaches. Sigue todas las novedades del día

Hundreds join vigil in London for murdered teacher Ashling Murphy

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Hundreds of people gathered in London on Saturday for a vigil to remember Ashling Murphy, a primary school teacher murdered while she was on an afternoon run in Ireland last week, and call for an end to violence again...

Nothing but net: Third grade teacher makes full court shot – video

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A group of students in Washington DC watch as their teacher, Kathleen Fitzpatrick, cooly makes a basketball shot from across the court. Fitzpatrick, known as 'Ms Fitz' to her students, had promised hot chocolates for ...

Maestra de escuela primaria despedida después de ser atrapada en una película pateando un caballo

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Una maestra de escuela primaria fue despedida después de que las imágenes de un caballo siendo pateado y abofeteado provocaron indignación en las redes sociales. Sarah moldes, 37, Inicialmente fue suspendida de su cargo después de que el video mostrara a un caballo ...

Dinos: are you a former teacher returning to school during the pandemic?

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The Department for Education has asked former teachers to temporarily return to the classroom to assist schools hit by staff absences during the pandemic. We would like to hear from former teachers who are planning to...

Hombre acepta responsabilidad por muerte de maestra de primaria Sabina Nessa

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Koci Selamaj, 36, ha aceptado la responsabilidad por la muerte de la maestra de escuela Sabina Nessa en Londres en septiembre, pero se declaró inocente de su asesinato durante una audiencia previa al juicio en Old Bailey. en esto, 28, w ...

Outrage as Quebec teacher removed from classroom for wearing hijab

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The removal of a Canadian teacher for wearing a hijab in the classroom has sparked widespread condemnation of a controversial law in the province of Quebec, which critics say unfairly targets ethnic minorities under t...

The English teacher and the Nazis: trove of letters in Melbourne reveals network that saved Jews

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Por décadas, más que 100 mouse-nibbled fruit boxes, tea chests and old leather suitcases sat untouched in a 3-metre pile in the backyard shed of Frances Newell’s home in suburban Melbourne. They were stuffed with th...

Un momento que me cambio: when my beloved teacher taught us about mortal sin

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Even before I entered his class, I knew Mr Priamo, the sixth-grade teacher at my Catholic elementary school, as the small, powerfully built man who strutted the hallways, and especially the gymnasium, with the ease of...

Encurtido inteligente: el profesor de YouTubing Sydney en la carrera por el premio global de $ 1.3 millones

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Todos recuerdan a su maestro favorito. Rebecca West todavía no se atreve a llamarla por su nombre de pila, aunque, 20 años después, es amiga de Paul en Facebook. Pero ella nunca olvidará el ejemplo de que ....

Tasmanian Catholic school teacher claims girls’ skirts ‘distracting’ male teachers and students

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A Tasmanian Catholic secondary school has been forced to issue an apology after a group of year 8 students were instructed to kneel down to have their skirts measured, because their dress length was “distracting” male...

Profesor de Liverpool preseleccionado para el premio global para profesores de 1 millón de dólares

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Un profesor de educación física del Reino Unido que ha sido pionero en nuevas formas de enseñar deportes a niños con discapacidad visual en una escuela con necesidades especiales en Liverpool ha sido preseleccionado para el prestigioso premio mundial para profesores de este año.. David Swanston,...

Un nuevo comienzo después 60: I became a priest at 63 – after 44 years as a soldier and a teacher

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A 66, Diana Johnson has just embarked on her third career. She has moved to a different part of the country and become a priest with her own parish. The “thread” that brought her to this point runs right back to her ...

US teacher suspended for reportedly using N-word in classroom discussion

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A teacher in Georgia was suspended after being filmed using the N-word in the classroom. Alexandrea Boyington, an art teacher at Alcovy high school in Newton county, was shown in the video sitting on a desk and asking...

Un momento que me cambio: my teacher said my work was trite rubbish – and totally destroyed me

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I held them in awe. My supervisors at Newnham College, Cambridge, in the 50s were of the generation who had served in the war: Bletchley Park, the Board of Trade, that kind of thing. They were fiercely intelligent in ...

Unvaccinated teacher infected half her students with Covid, CDC finds

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An unvaccinated teacher in a California elementary school infected half her students and 26 people in total when she contracted the Covid-19 Delta variant, researchers for the US Centers for Disease Control and Preven...

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