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Diana Taurasi lost in the WNBA finals but her greatness remains secure

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It was all set up perfectly for Diana Taurasi. After the Phoenix Mercury’s postseason series win over the Las Vegas Aces, the WNBA legend flew back home to witness her wife give birth to the couple’s second child. Il...

Papua New Guinea’s journey, Diana Taurasi and a delighted deer

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1) It’s been quite the week for Diana Taurasi. The 39-year-old guard and all-time leading WNBA scorer – nicknamed ‘White Mamba’ by the late Kobe Bryant – helped Phoenix Mercury to the WNBA finals last week, chartered ...

Diana Taurasi leads Phoenix Mercury past Aces to advance to WNBA finals

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When Phoenix Mercury coach Sandy Brondello was asked what was the difference in the fourth quarter, she had a simple response: It was Diana Taurasi. Taurasi scored 14 of her 24 points in the fourth quarter, and Brittn...