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‘I hated it the minute it was finished’: bad body art and regrets in a tattoo removal clinic

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At the temple of regret, you can have your mistakes burned away by a smiling practitioner, if you are willing to pay a hefty fee. I’m at an unremarkable office block near Monument tube station in central London, watch...

‘I tell myself: You’re a penis’: Sergei Polunin on drugs, bad tweets – and his Putin chest tattoo

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Dancers sweep across studio seven at London’s Pineapple Studios, skipping through Prokofiev’s rhythms. Choreographer Johan Kobborg shouts for more gusto. “Throw her!” he says to one man handling his partner too tentat...

"He sanado. No quiero ser el rudo '- Noomi Rapace sobre superar su trauma del Tatuaje del Dragón

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Noomi Rapace - la Lisbeth Salander original, AKA The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo: está sentada en el bar del hotel con sus gafas de sol en la parte superior de la cabeza.. Desaparecen en algún momento de nuestra conversación., aunque lo hago ...

How did I satisfy my restless hunger for touch? I got a new tattoo

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There was one thing I really wanted during the lockdowns (aside from the, Oh, cessation of the pandemic). I quickly stopped entertaining the idea of anything so unimaginably distant and decadent as sex, but my hunger ...

I got a back-to-front West Brom tattooand I love it

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On Ocean Drive, Miami, I once met a chap called Chad from South Yorkshire. He was clenching a crushed Coke can, his ankle wrapped in clingfilm. I asked him if he was OK. “Had a tattoo," él explicó. “Bloody agony.” H...

Pope Francis kisses Holocaust survivor’s Auschwitz tattoo

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Pope Francis has kissed the tattoo of an Auschwitz survivor during an emotional meeting at the Vatican. Lidia Maksymowicz, a Polish citizen who was deported to Auschwitz from her native Belarus before the age of three...

Skin flicks: quantifying the Disney tattoo phenomenon

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I do not have any tattoos. This is because I am afraid of pain, and also because I worry that permanently advertising one of my enthusiasms on my body would open me up even further to scorn and ridicule from strangers...

Dinos: ¿Te hiciste tu primer tatuaje cuando terminaste? 65?

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Nos gustaría saber de personas que decidieron hacerse su primer tatuaje después de la edad de 65. ¿Por qué decidiste hacerlo?? ¿Qué te detuvo cuando eras más joven?? ¿Tiene el tatuaje un significado especial?? Dinos ...