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Pride in London should return to radical roots, says Peter Tatchell

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Peter Tatchell has called on the UK’s largest Pride event to return to its radical political roots, as veterans from the first march 50 years ago led the parade in London. Members of the Gay Liberation Front (GLF), wh ...

LGBT campaigner Peter Tatchell refuses ‘national treasure’ jubilee offer

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Peter Tatchell has refused an invitation to be declared a “national treasure” at the Queen’s platinum jubilee because of the monarch’s “neglectful stance towards the LGBT+ community”. Tatchell, who has been campaignin...

No grazie, Ma’am. For LGBT campaigners like me, your jubilee is nothing to celebrate

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As a lifelong republican and a thorn in the side of the establishment, I was gobsmacked to receive a letter from the organisers of the Queen’s platinum jubilee pageant inviting me to join the finale on 5 June outside ...

Police failed Dennis Nilsen’s victims. Decades later, little has changed

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The murders of four young gay men in 2014 e 2015 by the serial killer Stephen Port were nothing new. Nor, purtroppo, was the catalogue of police failings that followed. The murder of “queers” has been going on for decad...

The Met says it is not homophobic, but it is. Here’s how it can address that

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LGBTQ+ trust and confidence in the police has been hammered by the inquest verdict on the serial killings committed by Stephen Port. It found that police errors “probably” contributed to the deaths of three young gay ...

Hating Peter Tatchell review – crusading activist’s greatest hits

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“My doctors have said very clearly: ‘No more head injuries.’” So says Peter Tatchell, one of the world’s most tenacious, divisive and necessary activists, as he prepares to fly to Moscow in 2018 to protest against sta...