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Conte and Gerrard pour fuel on ketchup wars in tasty cultural divide within football

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As with most wars, nobody can really trace the origins of English football’s enduring obsession with ketchup. Forse, like many things, it only really began to mean something when someone threatened to take it away. ...

Dead tasty: English history festival revives tradition of graveside picnics

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Lavish picnics and family feasts might not be the first things that come to mind when you think “cemetery”, but from Pagans holding silent dinners to Victorians dining alfresco among the gravestones, England’s food tr...

‘Chipageddon’: how a global tech crisis came to sound quite tasty

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As if there weren’t enough disasters happening simultaneously, people are now speaking of the present “chipageddon”: the worldwide shortage of microprocessors that is affecting supplies of everything from toasters and...

Low effort, huge reward: readers recommend 10 very easy, supremely tasty recipes

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Any meal we eat after 10pm is frantic and addled. I often want something salty, spicy and flavoursome, preferably in a bowl, so “midnight spaghetti” is my go-to. Put enough spaghetti for two in a pot of heavily salted...