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Tasmanian opposition leader stands aside over reports of sexual harassment allegations

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Tasmania’s newly appointed Labor opposition leader has stood down pending the party’s investigation of allegations he sexually harassed a woman more than a decade ago. The ABC reports David O’Byrne is accused of kissi...

Tasmanian devils wipe out thousands of penguins on tiny Australian island

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An attempt to save the Tasmanian devil by shipping an “insurance population” to a tiny Australian island has come at a “catastrophic” cost to the birdlife there, including the complete elimination of little penguins, ...

Tasmanian man who shot and dismembered friend sentenced to 32 years’ jail

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A Tasmanian man who shot his friend in an execution-style killing, dismembered his body and disposed of it in wheelie bins will spend up to 32 years in jail. Jack Harrison Vincent Sadler, 29, was found guilty earlier ...

Eric Abetz dropped to third spot on Liberal party’s Tasmanian Senate ticket

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The influential Tasmanian conservative powerbroker Eric Abetz has been demoted to third place on the Liberal party’s Tasmanian Senate ticket for the next federal election. He is listed beneath senator Jonno Duniam in...

Tasmanian Liberal Adam Brooks issues legal threat as allegations he used a fake Victorian licence referred to police

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Tasmanian Liberal candidate Adam Brooks has vowed to take legal action over allegations he created a fake dating profile under the name Terry Brooks and misled a woman about his identity during their relationship. Bro...

Tasmanian election: Liberals one seat away from winning third term as counting continues

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The Liberal party was one seat away from an unprecedented third straight election win in Tasmania as voting continued on Saturday night, with Labor’s vote having fallen significantly. The Liberals, led by the premier ...